Lounge Sensuality…

So…Is the martini craze over? We don’t necessarily think so, but by the way it looked at Scholar’s Inn tonight, some might think otherwise. And we must say, we’re incredibly surprised. (We hope it was just the Def Leppard concert.) When we started going to Scholar’s Inn, long ago, for their half-price martini Thursdays, it was always packed. We have introduced so many people to Scholar’s and whenever we take new people they always comment how much the interior looks like a bar in The Hills; and now Miami Social. And the reality is, for Indy, it is Miami chic. And the music is amazing and lounge crazy! But, over the summer, it has continued to die down. We would always start our night off at Scholar’s and continue down the road to 45 Degrees, who also has half-price martini’s on Thursdays, or to The Ten; which is one of the best hip-hop nights in town…don’t question, just go.

Not only is the interior of Scholar’s Inn alluring and sensual, but the staff and bartenders are fast and extremely friendly. Nick Ilieff, one of the waiters at Scholar’s, typically waits on us and typically has our drinks ready for us only minutes after we walk in the door. He continues, as do the other waiters, to be attentive throughout the night, “making rounds” and keeping our drinks filled. He is hilarious and professional…and probably one of the best waiters we have ever been waited on in Indianapolis. If you go to Scholar’s, make sure to ask for Nick and sit in his section. And as always, tip BIG…these guys and gals need to earn a dollar.

On colder nights, Scholars has a huge fireplace outside which is fun to sit around with your friends making it the perfect place for early fall or late spring. Not only is Scholar’s a full service bar, but they are also a full service restaurant and have an amazing area upstairs perfect for hosting events or parties. At half the price as other bars in Indianapolis, everyone should be heading out to Scholar’s on Thursday nights. We miss the old faces we used to see every week! Let’s pack it up again and make it the perfect beginning, or ending to a Thursday. It’s sad that we have such an amazing bar right here and it isn’t full like it used to be!

While we were at Scholar’s tonight, Nick informed us that on August 7th, he and several other artists will be displaying their work from 5-8 pm. The show will display photography, jewelry, paintings, installation art and all kinds of interesting stuff to enjoy a different kind of evening. All proceeds will go to the It Happened To Alexa Foundation which financially aids the families of rape victims during their travels to the rape trials of their family members. More information about the It Happened To Alexa Foundation can be found on the link on our blog. If you have any questions regarding the art show at Scholar’s Inn, please contact Nick at 317-847-8892.

So many things to do…ahhhhh….so seriously folks…head over to Scholar’s next Thursday…and give 45 Degrees a shot too!

Remember, eyes open…
We’re watching!

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