Lindsey Wixson – Sexiest Woman of the Day

lindsey wixson sexy 1_raanntWe absolutely adore 20 year old model Lindsey Wixson.  Her looks are so absolutely unique that you would imagine she comes from some kind of crazy ethnic and cultural background, but reading information about her lets you know that she is American born and bred, from Wichita, Kansas.  (You don’t get more American than that!) Her story of being bullied for her gap teeth and seeking out modeling on her own and being inspired by the likes of Bill Gates and Kate Moss is nice to hear.  We think her sexiness goes much deeper than her looks and into the raw veneer behind the makeup and beautiful clothes to a much deeper place.  And we love her for it even more, making her our Sexiest Woman of the Day!

lindsey wixson sexy 2_raannt

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