Indy’s Very Own Sex Scandal…David Letterman???

While perusing the news the last few days, we came across stories of Indianapolis native and Broad Ripple/Ball State alum David Letterman, engaged in a sex scandal. At first, we were extremely intrigued by the thought of a sexy, older man, especially one from our own town, engaged in affairs of the heart…or nether regions so to speak, but then we looked at each other and said, “David Letterman?” Who cares?

But apparently, a lot of people do. Since recently disclosing his secrets of affairs and the extortion/blackmail attempt made in relation to his affairs, Letterman’s ratings and numbers of viewers have shot through the roof; making the boys of raannt wonder…is this just another beauty queen staging a poor interview answer or fall on the runway? We hope not! Especially since we think it is so nice he is taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing to the women involved, including his newlywed Regina Lasko…after getting caught!!!

Anyway, in case you care, we’ve included a little video of ole’ Dave telling his story from his desk…We hope you enjoy it and don’t fall asleep!

Good luck Dave…we always thought you were hilarious; just don’t get caught getting undressed by the ladies again!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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