Gay Cupcakes…the SEXY list!

When we started raannt, we decided to dedicate a SEXY list every month to things we thought were sexy, intriguing, mysterious, luxurious, gorgeous, priceless and thought provoking. They are must have things! This last week when all of this business about the students at IUPUI being denied service by the JUST COOKIES bakery occurred, we decided to dedicate a list in support of ALL gay youth, not just the college students at IUPUI. In the same manner we do everything else, we poked some fun at the issue and posed the following question to friends, celebrities, colleagues and just about anybody we could contact. “GAY CUPCAKES ARE SEXY BECAUSE?…” Many people didn’t understand why we asked this specific question, so let us explain. It didn’t really matter what we asked we just wanted to show, in a light hearted way, that tons of people out there supported these kids and wanted them to realize they were not alone and that many, many people felt they were beautiful, talented…and priceless, much like what we had printed on our previous SEXY lists. But than a horrible event occurred. Within one week, five gay teenagers committed suicide. We could no longer look at the situation with a light hearted manner. In a conversation between several people we know, one of which remains extremely bigoted, the issue came up that any business had the right to refuse service to anyone. While this depends upon where the establishment resides, the Indianapolis based bakery being on government property, the issue was being lost in the details. You see, for anyone who is gay and has suffered any kind of injustice or has been with someone who is gay and depressed or suicidal, which we have, you know it doesn’t start with the gun, the knife, the rope or the pill. No, it starts long before that with the harassment, the name calling, the cold shouldering, the denial, the fear and yes, the refusal of people to deal with us as human beings. So you see, it’s not really just about a couple of students who walked into a bakery and attempted to order some cookies for a diversity group. What occurred is just part of a long line leading up to events which eventually become out of control for some people. It starts with the cupcake! So in support of the gay kids at IUPUI who stood up for their rights as human beings, and for the thousands of others we will never know who battle this injustice every day, we give you this SEXY list, to show you that, yes…people really do care. And for the five kids who lost their lives this week, may you be remembered with beauty and amazement and may your choices be lessens to others that life, as sexy as it is at times, is oh so very precious!

the SEXY list…
1. Brittany Mason-Miss Indiana USA 2008 and International Model…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they make us all feel like a supermodel!”

2. Steven Daigle-Big Brother 10 and Porn Star…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because the recipe used to make them is a secret we should all be willing to share.”

3. Kevin Gerdes-Actor/Extra on Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and Outsourced…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because every life matters! No one is greater than another. LGBT people deserve the right to feel things. Gay cupcakes are sexy because sharing LOVE in any way allows ALL youth a chance to feel just that loved!”

4. Pryncess Cupcake…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are sparkly, tasty and always ready to party!”

5. Jonathan Jaxson-Blogger/TV Personality…”Gay cupcakes are good because they are able to be filled with lots of filling and made with love.”

6. Shane Mason-TLC’s King of the Crown…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because: 1. Anything GAY is sexy!! 2. Anything gay is extra sweet!! and 3. Who doesn’t like frosting on….ANYTHING!!”

7. Vassy-Pop Artist…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they have sprinkles on them. Yummy all the way!”

8. Daniela Frezza-Writer/Blogger/Social Media Marketer/Production Specialist…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they come in all rainbow colors. They don’t discriminate.”

9. DJ Chi Chi LaRue-Porn Director/DJ…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re not the same old straight dry cake!”

10. Allison Arngrim-Nellie Olson on Little House on the Prairie/Actress/Author…”Cupcakes are neither gay nor straight. Nor male nor female. Nor black nor white. Nor Jew nor gentile. Cupcakes are for ALL of us! And of course one should support gay youth! And gay old people! Hell, I’ll bake them all cupcakes!”

11. Erick Ramos-Designer/Photographer/Philanthropist…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because the icing is so much sweeter!”

12. Vince Ferelli-Porn Star…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are inspirational to an older generation of GLBTG people to be proud of who they are with the freedom to express it. An older generation couldn’t express themselves by ever saying they were gay, let alone ordering tons of gay cupcakes…I’ll be paying that place a visit the next time I’m in Indy.”

13. Jeremy Bilding-Porn Star…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are rainbows and unicorns”

14. Marissa Hopson-Pantene’s 1st Reality Star…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are just as good, sweet and perfect as straight cupcakes.”

15. Dustin Worrell…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because nothing is more SEXY than being yourself… Cupcakes have feelings… Ask the talking Muffin.”

16. Paul Tracy…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because the flying cupcake rocks!”(The store that actually fulfilled the order.”

17. Olivia Littell-Personal Assistant to the boys of raannt…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because at the end of every rainbow there’s a pot of gold!”

18. Jacqueline Elliott… “Gay cupcakes are sexy because they love enough though I’m not gay.”

19. Shelley Cayetano…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are always fashionable!”

20. Alex Paredes-raannt co-owner/promotor/philanthropist…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors; just like the people that eat them.”

21. Peter Monn-raannt co-owner/writer/psychotherapist/philanthropist…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they motivate and initiate change in the world! And, once your tongue hits the frosting…ohhh, it’s all over after that!”

22. Elizabeth Renneisen…”Gay cupcakes are sexy!”

23. Zach Baughman…”Gay cupcakes are sexy.”

24. Jen Green Moss…Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are PROUD to be a cupcake, PROUD to be different and PROUD to show the world their true rainbow colors to the world. Oh I forgot one thing….gay cupcakes are sexy because they stand for what they believe in, and between you and me I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t have a gay cupcake in my life at any given time.”

25. Sue Mattiello…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are filled with love. Gay cupcakes are sexy cuz their covered in frosting and they fit in your hand. Gay cupcakes are sexy because they come in every color!”

26. J Corey Davis…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because without them, we’d just have plain, uninspiring bland blah cupcakes. Gay youth… if you are having suicidal thoughts, please remember this from someone who was in your position, it WILL get better!”

27. Tina Moralez…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because when it comes down to it its always the SAME ingredients that make them delicious.”

28. Regina Bunting…”Gays are fabulous and cupcakes are delish so put them together and you’ll for sure get “SEXY”!!!”

29. George Equality Vail…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they look like fun and I’m sure they taste great too.”

30. Mike Teel…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re GAY and they’re CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!! love cupcakes!!”

31. Stefanie Davis-Wife of Scotty Davis of The Scotty Show on RadioNOW…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they have “PRIDE” and represent unconditional love & understanding!!”

32. Vivian Farris-Talbott Street…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re good business….cookies too.”

33. Lara Long…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because you can actually taste the rainbow…”

34. Ryan Riggs…”Gay cupcakes are Sexy because you can dress them up with sprinkles…or make your
own unique cupcake the latest trend!”

35. Juan Luna…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are colorful and they make me happy.”

36. Michell…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because… who doesn’t love a sweet treat for dessert?”

37. Scott Barnes-Photographer/Blogger…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because rainbows are pretty and make people happy. And what kind of a bore doesn’t like rainbows?”

38. Melissa Arseniuk…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re always dressed far better than all the others…”

39. Rachel Bogle-Co-host of The Scotty Show on RadioNOW…”Gay Cupcakes are sexy because they are sweet, taste EQUALLY delicious to everyone, and they make you look damn hot when you are licking their icing off.”

40. Phil Reese…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they won’t blow the cover on our secret snacking affair.”

41. Xania Woodman-Writer/Reviewer…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because Las Vegas says so. The $750 Decadence D’Or cupcake (photo above) is the veritable Liberace of cupcakes. This sweet sister blends Palmira Single Estate Chocolate (made from the rare Venezuelan Porcelana Criollo bean) with a “caviar” of Tahitian gold vanilla, also known to be one of the most labor-intensive agricultural products on earth. But as we all know, beauty takes time. The cupcake is topped with Louis XIII Remy Martin Cognac and edible gold flakes before finally being crowned with a hand-blown sugar fleur-de-lis. Executive Pastry Chef Long Nguyen’s decadent dessert is fit for a king. Or, for that matter, a queen.”

42. Michael Snedegar-TAO Entertainment Group – Gay cupcakes are sexy because they melt in your mouth not in your hands!

43. Kaya Jones-Pop Star/Former Pussycat Doll…”Gay Cupcakes are sexy. Cupcakes are sexy. Gay. Straight. It doesn’t matter. We are human beings and have the right to ask for that in all areas. I cannot believe we live in a world that is treating gays the way African American’s were treated. How far have we really come?… We are human beings and deserve rights. Freedom rights. Love. Partnership. Equality. If a simple order of something so sweet can turn into hate, where are we headed?. Love yourself, love others, treat people with kindness. For what is hate worth. Gandhi “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”.”

44. Mathew Southern…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because you have to lick the top before you can eat the bottom”

45. Ted Fleischaker-Owner/Editor of The Word…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because… you can eat six and not gain a pound so you still look sexy on the dance floor!”

46. Mikaela Fernandez-Co-owner Ladylash Studios…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are sweet, bright & colorful! Take the frosting away and find they just as wonderful on the inside too….

47. Misty Al-Eryani…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re blessed by Rainbow Brite..and she grew up to be one hot tart!!!!”

48. Zoe Renee Huse-Personal Stylist/Trendsetter…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are Creamy Delicious and Covered in Rainbow Sprinkles.”

49. JT…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because if you lick it just right you’ll get all the cream in your mouth. I think cupcakes are sexy because I’m sexy and I eat cupcakes. So by the transitive property ( A=B, B=C, A=C) cupcakes are sexy. Do the math.”

50. Leslie Kugelman…”Gay Cupcakes are sexy because not only are they delicious, more than likely they will match my outfit.”

51. Asia LaBouch-Female Impersonator/Indiana’s Largest Indoor Attraction…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they have that extra burst of color, sparkle and pazzazz just like my wardrobe!”

52. Vicki St. James-Female Illusionist/Entertainer…”GOD made rainbows too !!!”

53. Cari Hahn…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are the best dressed cupcakes I have ever seen! Believe me as a mother of twins I have seen a lot of cupcakes, but gay cupcakes rock!”

54. Jared Curry-DJ…”Gay rainbow cupcakes are sexy because they are delicious, delovely, delectable, and divine!”

55. Katelin Reeves…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because you really can taste the rainbow!”

56. Slater Hogan-DJ…”Double Rainbow Gay cupcakes are sexy because…woaaahhh, OMG! There’s a double rainbow in my front yard. What does it mean?”

57. Eric Kemp…”OMG, it’s a triple sexy cupcake rainbow!!!!”

58. Christy Pastore-Owner/Editor of Fashion Wrap-Up Magazine…”Gay Cupcakes are not just sexy they are super sexy I mean they look fabulous wearing multiple colors not all cupcakes can be that fashionable!”

59. Mckinzie Roth-Host of Crowd Surfing on Comcast and Celebrity Fix on Indy’s Music Channel…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re colorful, flavorful and fabulous!!!”

60. Scotty Davis-Host of The Scotty Show and the creator of The Scotty Shows First Annual Cupcake Party at RadioNOW…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re fun & always make me smile, just like all of my gay friends! p.s. and they “know” they look better than all the other cupcakes!”

61. Sky Block-Earth Mother…”GAY RAINBOW CUPCAKES ARE SEXY BECAUSE…somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true! The rainbow cupcake represents all of us no matter our sexual orientation, color of skin, gender or age! We all have dreams and those that the rainbow cupcake represents are brave enough to follow there hearts and make their dreams come true! I love you sexy rainbow cupcake! I ban any establishment that will not produce them. This is only the case because those people aren’t brave enough to stand up for who they truly are and what they represent. I LOVE YOU RAANNT BOYS!!!!!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!!-Signed the Earth Mother, Sky Block”

62. Carol Townsend…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are a delicious, colorful and creamy representation of pride, acceptance, and the freedom to have Hot Sex with whomever you choose!” – Signed, “The Law” Carol Townsend.

63. Ian Duncan-Retired Porn Star/Owner of Videoboys…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because even straight boys will swallow them.” How’s that? 😛 Why in the world would they have been refused service at a bakery? That sounds just crazy. But of course I’d want to send them some encouragement, so I’m happy to help”

64. Courtni Hall-Miss Indiana USA 2009…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are love in cute, beautiful packages, they know no prejudice and they are the life and favorites of the party and of course best dressed!!”

65. Melissa Elrod…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because…..
you don’t have to be gay or straight to eat them, you just have to be able to taste its deliciousness. And gay cupcakes don’t give a law to lovers…love is unto itself a higher law (Boethius). “It doesn’t matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses”….or the people eating cupcakes!
Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are….
(the first letter of the adj spell out rainbow…gay cupcakes and describes people at the same time!!!)”

66. Michelle Laidlaw…”Gay cupcakes are sexy – ignorance is not. Gay cupcakes are sexy because they march to the beat of their own frosting. Gay cupcakes are sexy, but so are straight ones. That’s the funny thing – you can’t tell the difference in a blind taste test.”

67. Bryan Schmidt…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they smell better, taste better and most importantly look better! I learned that just by watching Top Chef Desserts!”

68. Jonny Lewis…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they’re vibrant and full of life, and they stand for way more then just being a good treat.”

69. Lisa Lipscomb-Robinson…” Gay cupcakes are sexy because: they are muffins in ‘drag’…and who doesn’t love a muffin…or ‘drag’ for that matter!?!”

70. Tonya Eadler-Best Friend Any Gay Man Could Have…”I think gay cupcakes are sexy cause everyone loves cupcakes. Look at these cupcakes as one of your children being denied a cup cake at school because he had red hair! Hate breed hates!”

71. Lauren Auld…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because lets face it, everything is sexy with a little icing on top!”

72. Greg Cinotto…”Gay cupcakes are sexy cause they might turn me gay…even just for a moment.” ROCK ON Boys of raannt!!! Peace and love.”

73. Donna Kordes…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because a rainbow show’s such a variety of color, not just chocolate or vanilla. That is what we are a variety of people trying to get along.”

74. Dorothy Minichiello-Owner Vintage Joye Fine Electronic Cigarettes…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because of the person holding them who has a belief in themselves that they are A great & mighty Spiritual Being with Dignity, Direction & Purpose. Self-love – THAT’S SEXY!!”

75. Jennifer Mattos…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because…. they are full of color, their not afraid to express themselves, sometimes unavailable and irresistible, and sooooo damn sexy that it’s making my mouth water!”

76. Erin Elizabeth-Owner of Raw Foods…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because you made them baby!”

77. Thadeus Holland…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they are light, colorful and sweet. Just like the human soul.”

78. Jessica Hicks Warrix…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because: they come in all different colors of the rainbow!!!!!!!!!”

79. Matt Hahn…”Everyone loves rainbow cupcakes because they remind us of how sweet & wonderful our gay friends are!!!!”

80. Jeff Yochum…”They refused to sell me cupcakes because I am already too fat!!!”

81. Lisa Lozinak…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because icing is good, whosever nipple is on.”

82. Lis Crosby-Best For Last…”Gay cupcakes are sexy because they always have sprinkles!”

We received many more and are racing to make it to the First Annual Cupcake Party so we can’t post them all, and they keep coming in! Thank you everyone for contributing and we hope that everyone can go through today, at least one day, feeling as carefree…as a sprinkled covered, frosting lovin, sugar to the core cupcake!

Eyes open…We’re watching!

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