Eric & Jessie: Game On! Exclusive Interview with Country Star Jessie James!

Eric & Jessie: Game On - Season 1

This Sunday, September 29th, the E! network will premiere Eric & Jessie: Game On, a new reality series which takes us behind the scenes of the relationship between country music star Jessie James and NFL Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker! We are so incredibly excited about this new show because we can’t imagine a better couple to epitomize the term “All American Couple!” 

Here’s the premise of Eric & Jessie: Game On – Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and pop/country singer Jessie James dive into the world of wedding planning, all while they continue to live their busy lives as a young beautiful couple and both have successful careers.  The steamy couple is set to bring a steamy series to our televisions this fall and we cannot wait! We had the pleasure to chat with Jessie James as she let us in behind the sense of their brand new E! show premiering Sunday September 29th at 10pm ET/PT.

Love and Other Contact Sports: Eric & Jessie - Season 1

1.  Describe yourself in five words. 

Funny, psychic, petite, creative, down to earth. 

2. How did you and Eric meet?

Through a mutual friend.

3. What made you want to capture this chapter of your lives on camera?

We are always looking for a new adventure, and how cool that we get to look back on it in 20 years and relive those moments.

Eric & Jessie: Game On - Season 1

4. What should fans expect from Eric & Jessie: Game On?

A lot of love, sexy times and funny moments. We are very down to earth and madly in love with each other. And don’t be surprised if you hear a vulgar thing or two come out of my mouth.

5. What is something about reality television you didn’t expect before taping the show?

How much work goes into it. It’s definitely work, and exhausting with the hours you have to put in. We didn’t realize how much of a team it takes to film a show.

6. How will Eric & Jessie differ from Khloe & Lamar, Ice & Coco, and the other celebrity couple shows?

We are really down to earth people.  He’s from the Midwest I’m from the south.  We just keep it simple while still enjoying some of our success.

jessie james 1_raannt

7. How do you define sexy?

Sexy is when you don’t try too hard, but it’s an attitude. Sexy to me is a pair of short cut offs, bed-head hair and a good tan.

8. What is the sexiest City? Hotel? Club? Restaurant? Country Song? Date? Fragrance? 

Los Angeles, W hotel, I don’t go to those, Waffle House, “As the Rush Comes” by Motorcycle (this isn’t country), in bed naked eating chocolate chip cookies and watching “Friends” in bed with my husband (that’s sexy!), Jennifer Aniston (Eric loves this on me or maybe he just loves her)

9. If you had to master a different genre of music, which one would it be and why? 

Rock because it’s honestly what I do best and what comes most natural.

Eric & Jessie: Game On - Season 1

10. What’s next for Jessie James, the country/pop singer?

Depends on what day it is. I change my musical style like I change my underwear, because I love everything and enjoy singing and writing all genres of music. My next single could be pop, country, rock, or rap for all we know, but it will be good!

11. What is the one thing about your relationship you think will change once you’re married?

Eric will put a baby in me eventually.

12. What is something about you and Eric we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

We are really traditional. Eric loves dinner on the table when he comes home each day. We sit at the dinner table every night as a family and talk about our day. I definitely do the girlie things of the house and Eric does the man stuff.

13. How soon until we see a little Eric or Jessie running around the house?

Who knows? Eric tries to trick me every month into getting pregnant!

14. Any wedding planning advice to a bride and groom to be? 

Do everything together and keep it fun.

15. What are your three simple luxuries? 

Eyelash extensions, my car, and a nice steak dinner once in a while.

Eric & Jessie: Game On premieres Sunday September 29th at 10pm ET/PT on E!


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