Erick Morillo & Harry Romero feat. Shawnee Taylor – Devotion (Official Video)…Sexiest Song of the Day!

devotion erick morillo_raannt

We always love a little bit of house with some deep vocals.  Devotion from Erick Morillo & Harry Romero Feat. Shawnee Taylor is just that! With a feel of a throwback to old school 90’s dance music, it’s quickly becoming one of our current faves! Check out the official video below!


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Jonathan Groff…Sexiest Man of the Day! Turn Ons and Sexy Pics!

jonathan groff sexy_raannt

Of course super sexy boy next door Jonathan Groff had to end up on our Sexiest Men list eventually! We loved him in Glee and we love watching him now in HBO’s Looking.  What’s not to love.  And if you didn’t catch his Turn Ons and Turns Offs on his recent visit to Andy Cohen, check it out below!

And if you’d like to see a little bit MORE of Jonathan, check out some NSFW pictures HERE!

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Trinity Taylor…Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day!

trinity taylor 2_raannt

Every time we see Trinity Taylor perform, she exudes sex.  Whether in a club or in a pageant, Trinity knows how to bring sensuality to every performance.  As the reigning National Entertainer of the Year, Ms. Taylor has paid her dues and earned her way to the top.  We’re interested to see what she does next???

Check out some of our favorite pictures of Trinity below and go visit her Facebook and Instagram!

trinity taylor 1_raannt

trinity taylor 4_raannt

trinity taylor 3_raannt

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Harry Louis…Sexiest Man of the Day!

harry louis 6_raannt

If he was good enough for Marc Jacobs he’s good enough for us too! All joking aside, super gay porn star Harry Louis, may be one of the sexiest men on the planet.  Although maybe not widely recognized for it, he knocked down quite a few proverbial walls when he was partnered up to Marc Jacobs, therefore legitimizing the porn industry, to some degree, for the rest of the world.  We’ve followed him for a long time, even before the days of his past relationship, and we’ve always been stunned by this Brazilian beauty.  His Instagram account is filled with pictures showing him as an all around charismatic guy so we thought he’d make the perfect choice for Sexiest Man of the Day! Check out some of our favorite pictures from his Instagram below!

harry louis 1_raannt

harry louis 2_raannt

harry louis 3_raannt

harry louis 4_raannt

harry louis 5_raannt

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Alessandra Ambrosio…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

alessandra ambrosio sexy 2_raannt

We have loved international beauty Alessandra Ambrosio, known most famously for her Victoria Secret wings, for so long that we can’t even remember when we first saw her angelically strut the runway.  Not only gorgeous, she is also whimsical and hilarious, mother and girlfriend.  Alessandra Ambrosio has it all and we adore her, which is probably why we keep putting her on our Sexy Lists! Check out some of our favorite pictures from her Instagram below!

alessandra ambrosio sexy 3_raannt

alessandra ambrosio sexy 4_raannt

alessandra ambrosio sexy 1_raannt

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RAJA…Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day!

raja 3_raannt

We have loved Raja for a really long time.  The bohemian queen with so much style she’s like the missing Olsen sibling! One of the original Heathers(OK, not really the original, but you know what we mean), she won the title of RuPauls Drag Race and now tours the world! We adore her and believe she’s the perfect Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day.  Check out some of our favorite pictures from Raja’s Instagram below!

raja 1_raannt

raja 2_raannt

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Alaska Thunderfuck…Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day!

alaska thunderfuck 3_raannt

People are probably wondering if we’re only going to post contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race in our Sexiest Drag Queen of the Day category and the answer is NO! But…we will be posting our favorite queens who not only entertain us and intrigue us, but also stun us with their look or looks, no matter what they are.

Alaska Thunderfuck has been one of our favorites for a long time.  We’ll admit that we hadn’t heard of her until Sharon Needles’ rise to fame of RDR, but we love her now.  Not only are we obsessed with her ever changing look, but her instant off the cuff humor and her true intelligence as a performer keeps us guessing.  We’ve pulled a few of our favorite pictures of her from her Instagram but please go check it out yourself…she’s amazing!

alaska thunderfuck 2_raannt

alaska thunderfuck 1_raannt


Alaska’s website!

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Joan Didion…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

joan didion sexy celine_raannt

You’ve probably seen the new Celine ads, seen above and photographed by Juergen Teller, of author and longtime Vogue writer/editor Joan Didion.  But what makes her so incredibly sexy and why are the ads being reblogged by every 16 year old girl on Tumblr as if Joan Didion is the next supermodel?

Joan Didion is intellectual.  She is strong.  She is simultaneously her own voice and a voice of a generation.  She is an artist and she is uncompromising.  She is beautiful.  She is…

And for all those reasons and more, we love Joan Didion.


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Francisco Lachowski…Sexiest Model of the Day!

Francisco Lachowski 3_raannt

Francisco Lachowski is absolutely one of the most gorgeous men on the face of the Earth.  This Ford model has taken over the fashion industry and become a label of his own, creating an international following that most male models never receive.  Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favorite pictures below as well as his Instagram!

Francisco Lachowski 1_raannt

Francisco Lachowski 2_raannt

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