Throwback Thursdays: THE Original Classic-Fit Mesh Polo Shirt!

original polo shirtDo you remember the first original Ralph Lauren Polo shirt you ever got???? Did you tuck it into a pair of khakis or wear it rugged with a pair of cut off jean shorts? Were you in the 8th grade and you popped your collar?  Were you 40 and you popped your collar? Either way, it made you feel like one of the team, right? We still love our Polo’s and have one in almost every color.  Today, they are still staples to every men’s wardrobe.  Wear it with a sport coat in the spring and summer to dress up a date look or a casual Friday.  Wear them with khakis, jeans or even a suit.  In fact, one of our favorite looks is a hot pink or neon green Polo with a dark suit.  We’re also huge fans of Burberry’s essential Polo’s! What are your favorites???? What other looks from the past do you think will make a return or are still here today!

Buy the Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mesh Polo HERE! Makes a great gift too!

And check out Ralph Lauren’s NEW Polo HERE!

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Throwback Thursdays: Levi’s Trucker Vest

levi trucker vest

Everyone should own a Levi’s Jean Jacket.  They are eternal.  We love to wear our jean jackets with khakis, tweeds, shorts, over suits…even with jeans; a tradition long thrown away.  The more worn the jacket, the better the look so once you buy one, you’ll never need to throw it away.  Our favorite amendment to the jean jacket is cutting off the sleeves.  When we were in high school and our jackets began getting a little snug, we cut off the sleeves and made the jacket even more personal.  Now, Levi’s have come up with their own version is the amended jacket; The Trucker Vest.

We love any style icon that has a background story and The Trucker Vest, which is just like it sounds, can best be imagined over PBR tees and stained jeans, making their way across America in the bed of semi’s spitting dust on the side of the road.  Add an old(or new) trucker hat and a pair of Ray Ban aviators and the look is perfect.

ROOray ban aviators

Levi’s Trucker Vest: $78 available at

Goorin Brothers Animal Farm Trucker Hat Roo: $24.95 available at

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses: Starting at $145 available at


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Throwback Thursdays: New Balance Gives Life to Vintage New Balance

new balance vintage

There is a danger to simply throwing the word “vintage” in front of any fashion item expecting to add a bit of quality to it which it might not deserve. For example, not all “vintage” concert tees are deserving of the same classic recognition as an original 1972 Dylan and The Dead.  While that is true, any classic brand which decides to bring back a classic look and rename it “vintage” has probably earned the right to the classic title.  New Balance is a brand which has rightfully earned this status.

New Balance has announced they will be releasing their 2013 Spring/Summer ‘Vintage’ Pack highlighted in classic treatment with windbreaking colors found in the early 80’s.  Although they’re a little thicker than their original styles, they are reminiscent to bygone days and feathered hair.  While New Balance hasn’t set a release date on these amazing beauties, we’re sure it’s right around the corner in time for summer to rock them out on the beach.

If you can’t wait until then, check out Ebay for tons of actual vintage New Balance and Nike shoes!

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Throwback Thursdays! Parachute Pants!


Every Thursday will be Throwback Thursday, identifying one has-been “luxury” trend that might, just might make it’s way back into the mainstream.  Do you remember the amazingly slick, although uncomfortable, parachute pants that everyone had to have back in the day? I can still remember begging my parents to buy me a pair.  My mom even made me sign a written agreement that I would never, ever ask for another thing if I could just get a pair of these coveted pants.  I signed the paper.  My parachute pants were black.  I’m not sure what happened to those pants but I can remember how excited I was when I brought them home and wore them to school the next day.

Guess what?  You can still buy parachute pants. has a wide variety of parachute pants as well as coveralls and jumpsuits all starting at just $72!

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