Obsessed with Bonobos NEW Spring/Summer 2014 Dress Shirts!

bonobos americano spreadshirt_raannt

Bonobos, one of our all-time favorite menswear websites, has released their newest line of Dress Shirts for Spring/Summer 2014!

bonobos dress shirt_raannt

What we’ve always loved most about Bonobos is their amazing detail to the fit of the shirt, the most important aspect of any good looking dress shirt!

bonobos dress shirt main_raannt

Our favorite is The Americano Semi-Spread Collar Bright Blue Gingham!

bonobos americano 1_raannt

Most of their shirts retail between $98-$138 and are worth every penny! These shirts are amazing! Perfect for an early evening date, going to the movies, a night out to the bar with friends or dress it up with a jacket and it makes the perfect work shirt! Of course, it makes the perfect shirt to grab off your floor and throw on unbuttoned to make breakfast for that special someone!

bonobos dress shirt 1_raanntbonobos dress shirt 2_raanntbonobos dress shirt 3_raanntbonobos dress shirt 4_raannt

Trust us, you’re going to be so obsessed with theses shirts, you’re going to want to fill your closet with them for the months ahead! Check out the Bonobos website and all of their amazing dress shirts! We want to fill our closet with the amazing shirts and we know you will too!

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Black Leather Style for Men Fall 2013

black leather 2013_raannt

Black leather is rock and roll, skid row and red carpet all rolled into one! But previously, leather was always a piece by itself, vulnerable and raw against the fashion around it, standing alone.  This season, the coolness of leather expands to pairing itself with other fabrics within the same piece.  The placement and treatment of these fabrics with the leather is minimalist beauty paying homage to the rock and roll chic of the black leather. Check out the killer pieces we’re dying for this fall:

black leather 2013 2_raannt

1. Gucci Watch, Unisex Swiss Interlocking Special Edition Grammy® Black Leather Cuff Strap 42mm YA133201 – $1095

2. Walker Leather Biker Jacket by AllSaints – $630

3. Maison Martin Margiela Line 22 / High-Top Sneaker by La Garconne – $695

4. Black leather look insert T-Shirt – $40

5. Strech Nappa Biker Jog Leggins – $2193


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Camo Prints are Back for Fall 2013 Style!

camo print 1_raannt

Camo prints are really hit or miss and for the last couple of seasonal attempts, it’s been a huge miss. From what we’ve seen of this fall’s street style in came, we can safely say that the return of camo is a strong hit.  The prints have been used the correct way, paired with solids and pieces cut in slimming silhouettes.  Let’s face it; as much as we are proud of our Army forces, we don’t want to walk down the street looking like we’re ready for battle.  Check out these killer items for this fall:

camo print 2_raannt

1. Workshop Backpack by Blk Pine $253.14

2. Cargo Trouser by Ar Srpls $350

3. The Dope Logo Strapback Hat in Woodland Camo $36

4. All Over Camo Crew Jumper $30

5. Converse Limited Edition Pro Leather Mid Canvas and Suede Sneaker $168

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Obsessed with Albam Clothing! Cute and Casual!

albam clothing_raannt

Another one of our favorite menswear ready-to-wear lines is Albam Clothing! Their designs are so simply, perfect, casual and cute.  Imagine J. Crew without the Crew.  Or L.L. Bean…but British.  They are original and independent and we love them.  Our current favorite is their Framed Pocket Artisan Shirt.  The small details, such as the pocket stitching, is what sets Albam Clothing above the rest.

albam clothing shirt_raannt

They have a huge line, encompassing everything from outerwear to denim, shirts, jerseys, knitwear…they even have homeware including quilts! Albam Clothing is definitively for the man’s man.  Check out their website and order up!

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Wolf & Man…Menswear Inspired by the Youth for the Youth

wolf and man hoodie_raannt

We were recently browsing around Twitter recently when we came across the account for Wolf & Man.  After floating around their website for a few minutes we quickly realized we could fill our closet with all of their clothes.  Their amazing collection for Fall 2013 is both beautiful and melancholy in only a way that makes autumn the perfect season for wearing these clothes to bonfires, coffee shops and late night romantic dinners.

wolf and man shirt_raanntwolf and man sweater_raannt

All of their clothes are reasonably priced from $50-$100 and, as the website states, Made Freshly! Go check out their website HERE and order away…you won’t be disappointed!

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Dirtee Hollywood…The Perfect Baseball Tee!

dirtee hollywood tee shirt 1_raannt

The killer minds behind the Dirtee Hollywood brand have brought a new form of style to the classic baseball square tee.  The prints and color combinations allow these baseball tees to be a bit funkier, stylish, original, and visually less boring…intriguing in fact!  These puppies are perfect for the upcoming fall season, from class to tailgates to casual Fridays at the office.  Check out Dirtee Hollywood for more looks and tee styles. We are absolutely obsessed with Dirtee Hollywood and everything on their website!!!

dirtee hollywood tee shirt_raannt

1. Optic Square Baseball Blue

2. Paintbrush Baseball

3. PolkaDot Baseball

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Best Polo Shirt of the Summer by Jack Spade! Best Worn With…

polo 1_raannt

Jack Spade has been one of our faves for a while now.  Their classic styles and looks, combining updated colors and accessories, always have us coming back for more.  The Mercer Tipped Polo is definitely one of our favorites of the year! The heather grey color makes it versatile for either a work meeting or casual event.  It’s also ideal for day dates or meeting up with friends for a quick drink after class.

See it HERE at Jack Spade $85

Best worn with:

men's style_raannt

1. Buckle Triton by Buckle

2. Brave Soul Men’s Fernando Chino Shorts – Sand from  The Hut

3. Replica Sneaker by Maison Martin Margiela Line 22

4. Rayford in Cedar Tortoise by Oliver People

5. Chinos with Belt by Zara

6. Kirby Suede Derby Shoes by Paul Smith Shoes and Accessories

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The Perfect Fall Blazer from Frank & Oak!

blazer 1_raannt

It’s back to school time, which means reinventing yourself and finding the perfect fall look.  As you start shopping for a back to school fall wardrobe, remember to check out our friends at FrankandOak.  Their new August line has the perfect fall must haves that really go with everything you might already have.

blazer 2_raannt

Check out their new Richmond Pique Blazer HERE for $125!

This puppy is not only perfect for late summer nights but also ideal for transitioning into fall.  So pop this bad-boy on and turn you’re back to school frown, up-side-down!

Best worn with:

blazer 3_raannt

1. Poplin Shirt with Patterned linen front by Zara

2. Men’s Brizzie Chino Pants by Quicksilver

3. Denton Driver – Black by Bonobos

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Summer’s Last Men’s Style Fling from Steven Alan!

summer 1_raannt

Although summer feels like it’s coming to a quick close, it’s far from being over.  We still have the whole month of August to celebrate the heat and enjoy ourselves before the chills of fall and greys of winter take over our lives.  As you start to pack up for college, or a last minute summer vacation, check out these summer must haves from Steven Alan’s summer men’s collection.

These Steven Alan menswear pieces are classic, cohesively sophisticated, relaxed, current, and perfect for late summer nights, midday lunch dates by the pool, and ideal for running from class to class! 

Classic Collegiate Shirt

summer 2_raannt

Cloud Nine Board Shorts

summer 3_raannt

Fitzgerald Trunk

summer 4_raannt

Matt Short

summer 5_raannt

Reverse Seam Shirt Outside Pocket

summer 6_raannt

Short Sleeved Single Needle Shirt

summer 7_raannt

Check out all of these amazing designs and more at Steven Alan!

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Casual Business Fridays…What To Wear to Be Stylish!


Friday is our favorite day of the week!  First, it’s the start of the weekend; and second it really allows us to express our fashion sense beyond the suits and ties. Check out these perfect Casual Friday items your closet and your body must have!

Shoes: Dare to step out of the business week norm, but still feel like you would like to add a bit of flair to your Friday.  Pick a pair of bright, fun, loud, and masculine shoes! Here are some of our faves:

Cash In House, Blue Canvas by Sneaky Steve


Klein, light grey canvas by Generic Surplus


Pants: Fit is always best! Not too tight and not too loose, just perfect.  You want to show the world what you got, and not in a vulgar way.  Plus, you’re still at work so you don’t really want everyone staring at your goods!

K Slim Taper denim by KR3W


D by D Grey Wool Jogger


Shirts! Play with prints.  Be crazy but not too crazy; none of that Hawaiian floral stuff.  Think plaid, stripes, or even a bit of color blocking.  It’s really the simplest way to show some style and still be professional

Graviti Henley Stripe Tee w/ Pocket


Higgins Contrast Oxford in Ocean by Frank and Oak


Most important…add a beautiful smile.  After all, it’s Friday!

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