Carrie Underwood…Sexiest Woman of the Day! Blown Away Tour LIVE DVD Trailer!

carrie underwood

As lovers of American Idol and avid country music fans, we’ve been in love with Carrie Underwood for quite some time! But let’s visit our definition of SEXY for a moment so our readers don’t get confused and think our qualifiers for The Sexy List are a body and face and voice as perfectly balanced as Carrie.

1. a genuine mix of physical beauty, confidence, attraction, humility, compassion, star quality, character and authenticity.
used in a sentence: “I made the sexy list!”(As seen on our tee shirts!)

So you can see, if you’re a fan of Carrie Underwood, that she not only has the voice of an angel, the lyricism of a poet, the body of a model and the face of an icon…she also embraces the heart, humility and compassion of an amazing woman.  The sexiest of her kind!

Check her out below in the Official Blown Away Tour LIVE DVD Trailer!


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Miley Cyrus…Sexiest Woman of the Day! We Can’t Stop Official Video!


MIley Cyrus? Sexiest Woman of the Day? Hell Yes! With her new haircut…her new style…those short shorts and long legs, she has turned into an absolute style icon and gorgeous woman in her own right! If you haven’t seen her newest video for We Can’t Stop, check it out below and we think you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!


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Mila Kunis…Sexiest Woman of the Day!

mila kunis

We had to add beauty Mila Kunis to our Sexiest Woman of the Day list before she turns 30 next month, because after she turns 30, she’ll have a mixture of sexiness and wisdom that will topple even our list! We’ve loved her early on in her That 70’s Show days, through Black Swan and especially in Oz The Great and Powerful, because she makes evil look so gorgeous! She is hands down one of the most gorgeous women to have ever graced the silver screen!

We love you sexy lady!

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Dita Von Teese…Sexiest Woman of the Day!


As we said earlier, we’re going to start posting our picks for Sexiest Man and Sexiest Woman of the Day, so make sure to check back with us daily! For our first pick for the Sexiest Woman of the Day, we wanted to pick someone who we feel embodies true sexiness in every form.  For us, there is no other than the Dita Von Teese!

dita 2

Dita is not only sexy for her obvious beauty, but also for her renaissance of the art of Burlesque, but also for her work for the fight against HIV and AIDS as well as her role as a modern feminist! We cherish her and are mesmerized by every photograph we see!

Check out Dita’s gorgeous website HERE!

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