Introducing: Sexiest Blogger of the week – Adam Gallagher iamgalla

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In the infinite world of blogging it’s hard to come across quality content… and not just content but people who have a passion and desire to make us intrigued by the person on the other side of the computer screen. We’ve decided to praise and recognize those we believe have a great blog, filled with great content and social media profiles, creative views and pictures and above all the factor we all like to call IT.

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Adam Gallagher has a created iamgalla a blog of simple design and incredible taste! We fell in love with the content and the life that Adam Gallagher posts! So Adam, here’s to you: Sexiest Blogger of the week…our very first! Thank you for the killer fashion/menswear style posts and showcasing a life any blogger out there wants to live!

Go check out Adam’s blog!

Check back for more daily sexy lists of models, designers, men and women and all of our Sexy Lists!

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