Chasing Nashville’s Helena Hunt…Best New Country Singer of 2013!

Helena Hunt Chasing Nashville_raannt

On the new Lifetime reality series Chasing Nashville, breakout star Helena Hunt is labeled as The Plain Jane, but there is nothing plain about the girl from North Carolina who we believe will be one of the next huge country stars.  We’ve watched all 5 episodes of this show, and while all of the girls have talent in an American Idol sort of way, no one touches the soul or passion of Helena Hunt.  We’re not really sure what it is about her that we love so much but her sound is old and new at the same time, in a refreshing woven tapestry that is undeniably her own sound.  Helena Hunt is new and refreshing.  If that wasn’t enough, she is almost unwilling to change her outer appearance, asking why can’t her music stand alone to qualify her as a contender in the music industry.  Oh darling…it does! And the fact that she is unwilling to change is a style of her own.  In a world of glitz and glam and girls who are more obsessed with what it means to be a country star, Helena Hunt just is a country star, because she knows who she is and doesn’t want to change.  What an amazing role model for all of us, young and old.

Watching her performance of her new single Make a Wish on Me, we began tearing up, in one of those small moments, when you know you have just witnessed a star in the making.  Unbelievable! After the episode, we downloaded the single and began listening to it non-stop in our car.  Today, we played the song for one of our closest friends, a die-hard country music fan and ask her what she thought, without telling her who was singing.  “Is it Miranda Lambert?  Is it Jennifer Nettles? Is it Carrie Underwood?  OMG, that’s amazing.  Totally haunting.  I’ve never heard anything like it.  It makes me want to cry.”  We agree.

Helena Hunt is the biggest breakout country music star of 2013, and she doesn’t even know it yet.  Watch out 2014…there’s a new star on the rise. (We’re hear the show’s been canceled, but you can still see the past episodes on the network site! We’re begging Lifetime to air the rest of the season!) Check out her live video below and make sure to buy the single below.  You won’t be able to turn it off! We love her!


Buy Helena Hunt‘s single Make a Wish on Me on iTunes Now!

helena hunt chasing nashville make a wish on me_raannt

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Jennifer Nettles “That Girl” Is Why We Love Country!

jennifer nettles that girl official 2 country music_raannt

We are HUGE Sugarland fans, so we were excited to see Jennifer Nettles‘ solo video for her new single “That Girl“.  Wow…we are in love with this video, this song and Jennifer Nettles! It is desperate, longing and romantic.  She is literally the Lana Del Rey of country music.  Combining old school Tanya Tucker and Dolly Parton with a bit of Patsy Cline, she has morphed old school with new school vibes, making her the reason why we love country music.  This video is phenomenal!




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Florida Georgia Line…”Round Here” Behind the Scenes!

florida georgia line

Ever since their release of Cruise, we’ve been huge fans of Florida Georgia Line.  In fact, a friend was telling us they opened for Luke Bryan and we were surprised they were the opening act instead of headlining! If you haven’t seen their video for Round Here, check it out below as well as the raw footage from behind the scenes!

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