Carrie Prejean, Breast Implants and God…

We’re starting to love Carrie Prejean, the FORMER Miss California USA, more and more every day! Recently in an interview with Christianity Today, Carrie defended her breast implants by saying, “I don’t see anywhere in The Bible where it says you shouldn’t get breast implants.” She goes on to discuss her solo masturbation tape in another interview calling it, “the biggest mistake of my life.” Oh lady…If you should ever be so lucky to be a celebrity and have a sex tape found…you own it, completely! Anyway, we’re no idiots and know she is doing all of this to gain as much attention as possibly so she can legitimately pose in Playboy…or dare we say, Hustler??? We could only hope!!!

In other pageant news, our dear friends Miss Indiana USA 2008 Brittany Mason and pageant expert J. Scot Reid, escorted the boys of raannt to their first “all girl pageant”, Miss Indiana USA and Miss Teen Indiana USA. What an amazing time!

We also want to congratulate the new Miss Teen Indiana USA 2010, Madeline Plesac, and Miss Indiana USA 2010, Allison Biehle!!! Both are so gorgeous and extremely perfect examples to represent our fair state…

And speaking of representing…what happened to Brittany Mason representing the good ole USA in the Miss World Pageant! It appears that instead of sending Brittany, they chose Lisa-Marie Kohrs. We were actually with Brittany when she received, after she sent numerous, numerous emails and phone messages, a return call simply stating they chose not to go with her. When we asked her what she thought, she stated that she could care less at this point and she felt the Miss World Pageant was completely unorganized and unprofessional. She wished Lisa-Marie the best and hoped the Miss World people had given her enough notice to be fully prepared for the pageant. Needless to say…Brittany has many, many more exciting things in her wake, but we do think it’s interesting that Wikipedia, as well as several, several pageant forums and blogposts stated that Brittany WAS the US representative…How embarrassing for Miss World…so is Lisa-Marie actually second choice? I guess we’ll never know…we did hear that several people felt Brittany was too old looking for the pageant…we completely disagree but we’ll post both girls pictures and you be the judge…

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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