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Mark MacKillop first caught our eye through the wonderful world of Instagram. The perfect lighting, pose, and the classy essence of voyeurism (without all the creepy stereotypes the words brings) totally made us want to learn more about this perfect shape cat! So we followed his account and realized there’s way more than the infamous Hotel Room Selfie Series. Mark let us in on what inspired the series of pix, his technique and what goes on in his life when the camera is off (or is it ever off?). Check out what Mark MacKillop is up to and what inspired his upcoming coffee table book (which PS Mark, we would love a copy!)

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What are 5 words that best describe you?
Honest, hardworking, creative, loyal, and fun

What inspired your Hotel Room Selfies?
Well I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by creative and talented friends many of whom are photographers and artists. So living in New York I’m used to collaborating and shooting fun projects weekly. I spent a year on tour and so I needed a creative outlet and I used this series as a way of connecting to my friends and family while I was away.

How many selfies did you take before posting the ones you did?
Haha depends on the day. Some days it would take 10-15 shots to get the right one. Sometimes I would know exactly what I wanted to capture and other days I was just fooling around till something caught my eye and then I worked to perfect the shot.

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Aside your love for coffee table books, what inspired you to publish your own?
Well I do love big heavy coffee table books haha. I wanted to make this book because so many friends were asking for their own copy. So I decided to see of there would be any interest and friends and people who follow me on social media wanted a book.

What’s the secret to a great selfie?
Great natural lighting and knowing your angles. Knowing what makes you look good in a pic is the recipe for success.

How do you define sexy?
Hmmm sexy for me is a combination of things. Its confidence, great personal style, intelligence (nothing is a bigger turn off than someone who isn’t informed) and a great sense of humor, that’s sexy.

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What is the sexiest City? Hotel? Club? Ballet piece? Musical?
Sexiest city- Tel Aviv; the beaches & the parties, they know how to be sexy and have fun
Sexiest Hotel that I stayed in- Mani in Berlin. Really sexy chic rooms.
Sexiest Club- Room Service in London. Lots of handsome boys dancing all night
Sexiest ballet piece that I’ve danced- probably Rothbart in swan lake… He was dark and mysterious and powerful
Sexiest musical- Chicago. While I was in school I got to direct, choreograph, cast and star as Billy Flynn for my graduation project. It was a lot of fun and that musical is sexy.

You’re pretty involved in some great charities.  Tell us a bit about your charity work and why you’ve chosen these charities?
Well I’ve recently started working with Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. It’s an amazing organization that since 1988 has raised and granted over 78 million dollars to help people living with HIV and aids. So it’s an amazing organization and we get to put on a really amazingly fun sexy show as well.

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What’s next for Mark Mackillop?
Well I’ve just gotten off a year on tour playing Riff on the International tour of West Side Story so I’m enjoying a little bit of downtime but I have my coffee table book of my Hotel Room Series coming out soon and a Gallery show early next year so there’s a lot involved in both those projects and a few other projects I’m working up.

What are your three simple luxuries?
Laughter, daily blessings, and sexy briefs


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