Busy, Busy, Busy…

Deuces baby! If you can’t handle what we have to say…oh well! We’ve been so busy lately we haven’t had a second to sit down and gather our thoughts. We must first say we are SO excited to have our dear, dear friend Brittany Mason, back in town with us for a few days…for what she calls a vacation. A vacation? She’s been so busy working since she’s been home she hasn’t hardly had a second to enjoy herself. But we love that she’s home, even for a little bit, that we even took off our beloved John Deere hat and let our country girl wear it for a few…Like we said in previous blogs, she has so many exciting things in the works, when she actually allows us to begin telling everyone, we’ll definitely have the inside scoop which will be exciting to read. It’s hard to hold to something you know everyone would want to know, but needless to say, we adore her, so we’ll keep her business a secret…
It was interesting though that while Brittany and several other people, including ourselves, were talking about our night at the Fantasy 500 party, we were talking about how a local radio celebrity stated on the air that when requested, they gave out a fake phone number to Mario Lopez, who apparently was hitting up on this local radio celeb. Tisk tisk. We hear that’s not quite the case as several people saw you that night standing at quite a distance in the VIP room with a watchful eye on Mr. Lopez while he dealt with other business. I think “oggled” is the word which one person used, but we won’t quote them. We don’t know if this is true, but we found it interesting nonetheless since our inside sources aren’t really the lying type. Were your feelings hurt that Mario couldn’t be bothered or did we get the whole story wrong entirely?
We had a great time at the Indiana State Fair and although we aren’t really country boys at heart, even in our western shirts and trucker hats, we fit right it. And it wasn’t Pride day at the fair when we went! We hung out with friends, ate a corn dog and lemon shake up and saw Kelly Clarkson. Ok, first of all, let us just say we were a little amazed the concert wasn’t more packed. Honestly, American Idol winner or not, she’s still a mainstager, but the bleachers weren’t even filled, and most of the audience was early high school girls and their gay boyfriends who knew every word to every song. The amazing part was that she is absolutely an incredible performer. She played to the audience the entire night, reading fan’s signs, singing happy birthday with the crowd to a fan…even pulling a fan onstage to sing the entire set of “Since You’ve Been Gone.”
She played about 20 songs, even adding in an acoustic “Walking After Midnight” by Patsy Cline and a powerful rendition of Janet Jackson’s “If”. We would never have gone if we hadn’t been given free tickets, but we’re extremely happy we did. What a great night we had with our friends! There’s still a few days left so make sure you make it out to the fair before it’s gone for another year. Let us know how the chocolate covered bacon is…we’re just not that country, sorry!
Hmmmmmm…scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours? Ever heard that saying? Well, we’re tired of scratching some people’s backs and giving props where they aren’t deserved and getting nothing in return. So before we put this out there, let us make this loud and clear. This is not about Talbott Street. At all. We just think you need to take a look at your dance floor last Saturday night and think about a few things. First of all, when we arrived at Talbott at 12:00 A.M. it was packed. The drag room was packed. We had a nice conversation with BJ and the show director, who had sent us a wonderful, unsolicited message thanking us for our reviews. Before and shortly after the show, we were upstairs and it was packed and then BOOM! Empty. No one dancing on the dance floor…nothing. We happened to check our facebook at that time and noticed that the DJ of the moment had just updated her status; while spinning above the dance floor. Ten minutes later…another update. We were utterly amazed. Could not believe it. Here you had a grade A DJ, who we have loved in the past, spinning downstairs, with an emptying crowd…
…and nothing near the DJ booth, but an empty set…literally!
Ok, we probably would never have even said any of this tonight if one of Talbott’s employees and close friend of the DJ’s hadn’t commented to us that we should “be nice”…That is a load of crap! We are being nice. We should have walked back up front and demanded $3 of the $5 we payed back for the poor music and the lack of attention. The drag show was great. We were excited to see Alyssa Edwards here again(Hello folks…do you know who she is! This is a big deal! She’s a National title holder! And quite possibly the next Miss Continental!). Everyone at Talbott was wonderful. But we had several straight girls with us that were ready for a fun night of dancing and there was none to be found. We danced anyway and made the most of it, but come on! We had been asked to go to some other places and decided to come to Talbott because we wanted to be surrounded by people we knew and have a good time and hear good music, especially since she has been so consistent in the past. But really? Let’s not beat a dead horse…It’s just not the same as it used to be and we’re not sure what’s happened…but that’s none of our business. Give DJ Jackola a chance…
Next Saturday is the White Party at Talbott Street and we’re sure it will be packed again and will be just as much fun as last year…uhhhh, wasn’t that where we met last year? Yeah, I think it was…Ahhhh, a year in romantic bliss. (If you have questions about the White Party at Talbott, just hit the link on our page)…but back to what we were saying…Don’t tell us to be nice! You may go to the June 24th issue of the NUVO and read their review of Paul Van Dyk at Talbott and see that the NUVO, like raannt, just gives a review. It has nothing to do with being nice. So here’s the truth…
Saturday, August 15th, 2009 at Talbott, DJ Deanne was not herself. Or, actually she was herself as of late. Yawn! She did not have a posse of dancers around her DJ booth, only people grabbing her attention away from doing what she does best. She played a lot of old music, somewhat in the style that DJ Jared Curry has done lately, but not as well. The beats were not as deep or house played as we had loved in the past and she didn’t seem to exhibit the same spirit as she usually does. What’s happened Deanne? Where did you go? And why oh why would you be on facebook while spinning…major DJ’s don’t do that, right?(We actually just sent out several emails to some of close friends who are well known national DJ’s to make sure, and if we’re wrong, we will retract our statement.) We’re confused. We’re used to seeing you grind your fist down, get into the vibe and really feel it…but the past several times we’ve seen her, there’s been no vibe. And everyone we encounter says the same thing. In fact, some of our friends won’t go when DJ Deanne spins because it’s been so bad this summer. So pick it up so we can write a good review. (And if Kelly had sucked, we would have said it, and she would have gotten over it!) And that is exactly why, instead of going to the Vogue tonight, as we were asked to do, we chose to stay at our friend’s house, barbecue and play Wii…and honestly, it was more fun. Because last night, we wanted to move, but there was death on the dancefloor…
And that, children, is the truth…
Eye’s open…we’re watching!

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