Britney vs. Lindsey and the PREMIER of the I Wanna Go Video!!!

Ahhhhh…Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan!!! Epic idols of their own breeding! Both have had their difficulties in the last few years and both had the chance for great stardom. In the end, where will these two young women land and which one will ultimately land on top?

Our bet is DEFINITELY on Britney as witnessed by her recent kickoff to her Femme Fatale World Tour and her balancing act between motherhood and magnificence! While, may we add, Lindsey fails her probation for the quatrillionth time as the worst act on house arrest and enters, yet again, the courtroom tomorrow! If Lindsey were paid for her courtroom residuals, she’d still be loaded right now! Oh…she probably is!
If it is any questions whether or not Britney has risen above her past angst, watch the premier of her new video I Wanna Go below and you decide!

Yep! It’s Brit all the way!!! Oh and Lindsey…We hear Intervention is having a casting call! Good luck honey!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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