Bill’s Blu Bash…

Last night, after partying it up with our friend’s Molly, CoCo, Smalls and Ruby, playing a few rounds of “What the Fuck?”, we headed over to the Blu Martini for their 6th Anniversary Party. When we pulled up, we could barely find a parking place because it was so incredibly packed. Inside, the music exploded over our heads as soon as we walked in the door. DJ Cool Hand Lex directed the vibe of the dance floor, which just so happened to be every inch of space in the bar/restaurant since people were dancing everywhere!
We ordered some drinks and waited for our friends to arrive. At first, we weren’t sure it was going to be that much fun because there weren’t that many people we knew and it seemed like kind of an older crowd, but literally within minutes, The Blu Martini changed and developed into the best time we had had in weeks, making it everything worthy of 6 years in business!
And actually…it’s probably just easier to understand the vibe, from all of the pictures we took! If you weren’t there…we wish you had been!
We would like to congratulate Bill Pritt on his amazing 6 years in business and wish him many, many more…He is always so courteous to us and always makes us feel at home! And it was awesome to meet his mom who also came out to enjoy the festivities…

Ohhhhhhhh….and we couldn’t possibly forget to send a SEXY BITCH SALUTE out to our Fisher’s Mom’s Group who danced the night away next to us the entire night! Thanks Fita for being such a great babysitter to your friend! She owes you a dinner and a night at The Conrad! (We were going to include pictures…but we couldn’t be that cruel and we were happy you gals were having such a great time!) But from now on…well let’s just say…
Be careful…we might just catch you curled up in a corner…or pumping the air!!!

Eyes Open…We’re Watching!

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