Glozell…Funniest Bitch on YouTube!!!

Exactly one year ago we discovered, within days of Perez Hilton, the comedic heroics of GloZell Green! One year later, we find ourselves rolling in laughter this morning as we watch her newest video over and over and over again! So, for those who don’t know GloZell, we thought we’d show you a few of our favorite, more recent videos and revisit our interview below…

1. You have been termed the “Queen of YouTube” with over 600 videos. How did you get started on YouTube?
I have 853 Videos honey. I was uploading my videos through Goggle and it was so slow on my computer so I started up loading on You Tube in order to post on my blog ( and one day. I noticed that I had comments on You Tube. And it kept growing and growing. My blog was named after Jay Leno because I was attending the Tonight Show with Jay Leno everyday. I did that for a little over 2 years oh that’s where you got the 600 from. I went to over 600 live freezing taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

2. You identify yourself as a stand-up comedienne? Who are three of your role models in the field of comedy?
I do.. well I pretend to be an Stand-up. I tell stories of what really happened to me and people crack up. I don’t feel like I tell jokes. I loVe Carol Burnett, Phyllis Diller, Betty White (wait I better mention some black people)Whoopi, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, (okay I’m going back) Robin Williams, Lucille Ball, Tom Conway, Jay Leno, Dave Chapplle, EDDIE MURPHY, The Wayans from In Living Color, Saturday Night Live Cast…. the list goes on and on.

3. We think your funniest video is the Rhianna “Rude Boy” video. Where do you get your inspiration for your videos?
I have a friend (Leslie) who analyzes everything. And she was talking about THE THONG SONG and how passionate the singer was about thongs. Inside I was cracking up. 10 plus years later. I hear these Songs…by Ke$ha then Rude Boy after we know Rhianna was with a Chris Brown. The Rudest boy she ever had. ( As far as we know)

4. Recently, Perez Hilton posted you on his website. What did it feel like to be validated by the consummate social reviewer Perez?
AMAZING… like being told you are going to LIVE!!!! He justified my talent to the world. I have millions of hits because of him.

Click here to read the rest of our GloZell interview All Hail the NEW QUEEN of Comedy!

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*Photo from GloZell’s Official Fan Page on Facebook

Baring It All with Heather McDonald!!!

When reading this random tweet on Twitter “I’ve been at the little league field with back to back games since 10:30 AM & still here-happy Mother’s day 2 me!”, you might not realize those are the words of one of the funniest women in the country. Closer examination brings us into the world of Heather McDonald. Besides writing, producing and starring as a regular “round table” comedienne on the award winning television show Chelsea Lately, she is also on a running tour of performances around the country, presenting her stand-up routine to sold out crowds. Not bad for a wife and mother of three who consistently channels the voices of Sarah Palin, Drew Barrymore, Celine Dion or our favorite, Geri Jewel from The Facts of Life. Every night, we literally wait for the moment when something Heather randomly quips makes even Chelsea Handler laugh and lose her train of thought; a talent which she has perfected well! And while we continue to wait, reading her new national bestseller You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, we thought we’d reach out and find a little bit more about the funny girl next door under the Amy Winehouse wig…and in front of the Kardashian butt!

1. How would your define yourself using 10 words or less?
A tall hot hilarious brunette married mother of 3!

2. If you weren’t a comedienne, what would you be doing?
Selling residential real estate because I’ve done that on and off for almost 20 years.

3. A teenager comes to you and tells you they want to be a comedienne. What advice would you give them to help them be successful?
I would first say only be a comedienne if people tell you are funny. If they do and you love when you’re telling a story and people are laughing start to write every funny thing you say and think down. Then look into taking improvisation or stand up comedy classes and get up there and do it.

4. You’re a regular member of the Chelsea Lately round table. How do you typically prepare for each show and how do you keep your material fresh?
First I think of what is my point of view and make sure it is different than Chelsea’s then I type a few jokes down for each topic. As I’m getting my hair and make up done I go over them with my make up artist and based on what she laughs at. I choose to say those jokes first.

5. What would we, the boys of raannt, have to do; bribe, threaten, strip, screw…to get on the round table? How is it decided who is a new member?
It is very rare that we have anyone new on because Chelsea really likes having regulars on because of the relationships and chemistry we have with each other. But I would say keep doing what you are doing.

6. Where did the “Heather Long Boobs McDonald” nickname come from?

I was wearing a low cut dress in a sketch and Chelsea called me Long Boobs and it got such a big laugh she kept saying it and caught on. I do not have long boobs.

7. What’s your favorite thing about being on the round table?

Being myself and getting my hair and make up done.

8 You recently released your book “You’ll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again.” Tell us about your book.
It is about all the guys I did not have sex with in LA during the 90s. The main reason being I was virgin until I was 27.

There are a lot of very embarrassing funny dating stories.

9. What is your favorite and least favorite book you have ever read?
Besides Chelsea’s books my other favorite book was Mackenzie’s Phillips autobiography about how she was having a consensual sexual relationship with her father in her 20s for over 10 years. I mean it doesn’t get more juicy than that.

10. Since you’re now a New York Times Bestseller List honoree, what would be two other awards you would like to earn?
I would like to get an Emmy for playing a mom in a hit sitcom and I’d like an Oscar for best supporting actress because comediennes only win Oscars if they are for supporting roles never for best actress.

11. You worked closely with the Kardashians in this book. What was their role in it and how was your experience working with them?
I did not work with them. They are just my friends who loved the book and gave me a quote for the back. However, I’d love to work with them one day designing clothes for flat butts for girls like me.

12. Who are your two favorite celebrities to impersonate. Who have you wanted to impersonate but found too difficult?

My two favorites are Drew Barrymore and Celine Dion. Everyone thinks I do Cher and I can but only when she sings not when she talks.

13. You have been married for over 10 years. What is the secret to a successful marriage?

I got married in the Catholic church and therefore made a promise to God. I plan on going to heaven so therefore I’ve stayed married. No seriously, we do stuff on our own away from our kids and we never let any fight last too long.

14 The bio on your website states you “reside in the San Fernando Valley next door to her parents just in case they run out of milk, Chardonnay or need one of her dad’s Vicodin.” Which one happens most often?
I run out of Chardonnay a lot but my always has a chilled bottle waiting and she loves to drink it with me.

15. Name the sexiest city? Hotel? Movie? Place to kiss? Place to get drunk?

The sexiest city is Cabo. Movie is Unfaithful, Kiss is in the rain (I’ve yet to do that) get drunk in any pool.

16. Let’s play fuck, marry, kill. Chelsea, Chuy and Brad Wollack?

I’d fuck Chelsea because she’s completely bare down there so it wouldn’t be too bad. I’d marry Brad because his parents have their winery and I’d have to kill Chuy, sorry.

17. Give us quick thoughts on the following: Jenna Jameson, the death of Osama Bin Laden, Amy Fisher’s porn career and gay marriage.
Jenna: Amazing mother of twin boys, Osama: I’m having sexual fantasies about the Navy Seal who shot him, Gay Marriage: I want it to be legal everywhere also I love weddings and feel I have a lot of gay invites in my future.

18. If you were going to start your own line of Heather McDonald Chardonnay, since you’re such a huge fan, what would it be called and what would make it so special? How much would you charge?
It would be called Impressions because I do a lot of impressions and it will make an impression at your table. It’s special because it’s buttery. I would charge around 11 dollars.

19. What would you like to be doing in 10 years?
Being on television even more either as myself or playing a comedic role in a funny show.

20. What do you find sexy on a man: boxers, briefs, jockstrap, or nothing at all?
I find boxers sexy because I like the excitement that it might slip out at any moment.

For more information on Heather McDonald, her New York Times bestselling book or her tour dates, contact her website!

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*Photographs thanks to Heather McDonald and Eva Magdalenski and Alex Spieller of Anderson Group Public Relations

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Chris Stedman…Just A Little Above Average

Photo Credit Erin Williams

We had initially titled this interview: Chris Stedman…The Prince of Secular Humanism Discusses His Evolving Worldview, Eboo Patel, Teen Suicide and His Love of Britney Spears. But after hours of looking at his pictures and editing the facts, it just didn’t seem right. At the cost of gaining more views or getting more people to read our blog, just in the name of a sensational, attention-grabbing title, we couldn’t do it. It just didn’t fit. Chris never called himself the Prince of Secular Humanism…we did! He’s considerably more humble than to pat his own back let alone identify himself as royalty of religious discussion. In fact, when we spoke with him initially about secular humanism and referred to him as an “expert”, he laughed and corrected us, pointing us to at least five other authors and speakers on the subject.

But after a few months of knowing him we have absolutely no problem complimenting or heralding the young man who could very well be accepting his Noble Peace Prize within the next ten years. And unless you know of him already and have simply come to this interview to find out more about the guy you already love, than you’ve probably never even heard of him. So what is it exactly that makes Chris so interesting?

For starters, he is the Interfaith and Community Service Fellow at Harvard University and the Managing Director of State of Formation at The Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue. He writes and runs his own blog NonProphet Status,writes for the internationally famous blog The Huffington Post, and is the youngest panelist for The Washington Post on Faith. He is also writing a book which will be published in 2012 by Beacon Press. But Besides being a writer, an educator and a highly requested national speaker, what exactly does he do?

Stolen from his blog’s About the Author section, “Chris is an atheist / secular humanist working to foster positive and productive dialogue between faith communities and the nonreligious.” Are you getting the picture yet? To steal yet again from his blog, guest blogger, Walker Bristol, Freshman Representative of the Tufts’ Freethought Society states, “Humanism, as a philosophy, is dedicated to the betterment of the global community as a whole and seeks to dispel discrimination and unfounded bias. Behind Humanist philanthropic efforts and community service projects is a unique commitment to action untainted by goals of conversion or self-promotion.”

And Chris, this 24 year old, tattooed, gaged eared, skinny jean wearing, symbol of sexiness is utilizing academia, pop culture and kindness to bridge the gap between secular and religious identity. When we initially approached him for this interview, stating we wanted to find out more about him because he seemed so interesting, he laughed and said “I’d say that I’m just like anyone else — in fact, I don’t actually handle praise all that well because I see myself as really average, and I live a very average life. I talk about my story not because I think that I’m particularly special, but because I think that everyone has a story to tell, that sharing these stories will make the world a more loving and compassionate place, and that one of the best ways to invite others to talk about their experiences is to share your own. When we exchange stories with one another, I think we discover that we’re not really all that ‘special’ — which is to say, we’re all special, in our own way. But we stop thinking of ourselves as the most important person in the world, and that gives us empathy for other people.

Photo Credit Meadville Lombard Theological School

1. What does it mean to be the “Interfaith and Community Service Fellow” for the Humanist Chaplaincy for Harvard University?
My role at the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard is really the first of its kind – it’s a position within an atheist / humanist organization specifically devoted to promoting interfaith cooperation and planning community service. I’m so lucky to have this job, because it marries three of my biggest professional (and personal) interests: building interfaith understanding, cultivating humanist community, and advancing social justice work. My fourth biggest interest is writing, and that’s where my blogging work comes in.

2. At 11, you entered the Evangelical Church and now define yourself as an atheist. What inspired this conversion?
It’s a long story, which is why I’m writing a book about it! But I’ll give you a hint: my conversion to Christianity came shortly after I began to recognize that the world is an imbalanced place – I started reading books like Roots, Hiroshima, The Diary of Anne Frank, and so on – and I was looking for a way to make sense of all of the injustice and suffering in the world. The only folks I heard talking about justice, and about improving the world, were Christians. My conversion also coincided with my parents’ divorce, and church created a community of support that essentially substituted the support I had gotten from my family. So when I began to critically evaluate my conversion later when questioning my faith, I realized that Christianity had never felt like a first language to begin with; that it had been a package deal, but that a belief in God wasn’t true to my roots.

Photo Credit Deanna Mandarino

3. Why is it important for people of religion and atheism to work together? What would you like our readers to learn from your work?

We live in a world sharply divided by religious identity – perhaps most of all along lines of religious and secular identity. Looking at the shouting match in popular discourse, between the so-called “New Atheists” and the “Religious Right,” the idea of identifying common ground between atheists and the religious might seem impossible. But truth be told, there are a lot of shared values we can all rally behind, and I think it is especially important for atheists and the religious to combat the significant misconceptions that exist on either side and attempt to foster understanding and cooperation to work toward resolving the most important issues of our time like poverty, global climate change, HIV/AIDS, and so on.
4. What does it mean to be a “secular humanist”?
There are many different definitions of “humanism,” but in my mind a humanist is anyone – religious or not – who maintains a worldview grounded in reason and guided by compassionate action. I put “secular” before “humanist” to signify that my worldview is specifically naturalistic and nonreligious. To borrow from the title of a recent book by the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard, Greg Epstein: in short, a secular humanist is someone who believes he or she can be good without God, and who strives to live this way. I prefer “secular humanist” to “atheist” because it suggests something about my values, rather than the mere fact that I do not believe in any gods.

Photo Credit faith and fashion

5. How does being gay contribute to your belief system towards religion?
It’s funny; at various points in my life, I would’ve answered this in very different ways. Hell, I’ll probably answer it differently two months from now. But, right now, I credit the recognition I had at 11 years old that I am queer with setting the course for the work I do now. Being a member of a marginalized community helps me empathize with experiences and worldviews that are different from my own, and I believe that has made me more compassionate. At one point in my life, being gay might’ve contributed to the bitterness I had toward religion and the religious, but now being gay means being deeply and personally invested in active religious pluralism, or the idea that we all – religious or not – need to work to understand one another better. We’re all “other” to someone, and I’d like to see that change.

6. What does being gay mean to you today?
Being queer to me means being a border-crosser and a translator. We occupy liminal spaces in American society and around the world, so we need to know how to navigate fraught intercultural issues, as most of our actions are, in a sense, intercultural exchanges. I think this makes us especially adept at bridging divides – or, at least, it has directly contributed to my sense of feeling empowered to do so.

Photo Credit Natalie Parys

7. If there was a God, what would God be like?
Honestly, I’m not willing to say that I’m absolutely, positively, 100% sure there is no god. However, if there is a god (and that’s a big “if”), I believe that god is an uninvolved one – one that exists, possibly created the world, but has since been mostly “hands-off.” And if such a god exists – and I do see it as a possibility – then I think it really doesn’t matter. If an uninvolved god is out there, it doesn’t concern me one bit. These days, I’m a lot more interested in what is happening in the world around me than whether or not a god exists; about whether people have the things they need to live happily and peacefully. And the kind of god I certainly can’t fathom is one who would condemn people who honestly tried to live and learn the best they could to an eternity of suffering; so if I’m wrong and there actually is a benevolent, loving god, I will welcome being proven wrong with humility and with curious wonder. And maybe a long laugh and a beer.

8. One of the first things we noticed about you was your interesting and eclectic style. How does your style reflect your belief system?
Well, my tattoos each reflect various stages in my evolving worldview… It’s a cheesy metaphor, but I often liken my tattoos to a scrapbook. It’s the best documentation I’ve got of how I’ve matured in my adult life, and I wouldn’t change any of them. As for my general style; I’ve always experimented with different attire, but from a young age I was interested in expressing myself visually. The style I’ve got now is… well, let’s just be honest, I dress like a stereotypical hipster (as my friends all love to point out). I’ve been dressing this way since the end of college, and so far I’ve managed to carry it over into my professional career. You’d be surprised what you can get away with if you just add a tie! But honestly, one of the reasons I love my style is that I really do feel that it reflects who I am at this point in my life, and I hope that it suggests that I don’t have too many pretensions about what I do.

I’ve tried to “dress professionally” but it just isn’t me; I always expected my tattoos and my style to be a professional hindrance, but I’ve honestly been amazed by how it has helped me connect with people in my work. I think a lot of people don’t expect someone who looks like me – tattoos galore, including an almost-finished sleeve, stretched earlobes and a nose ring, skinny jeans and concert t-shirts – to be talking about interfaith cooperation. But I think it’s such an important issue and that everyone needs to care about it, so I hope my style helps some people who might not have cared before to see it as important, and to see that they too have a place in this movement – that it’s not just for older folks and religious people.

Photo Credit Erin Williams

9. If you could only listen to three CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?
Wow; after questions about the existence of god, my sexuality, and other so-called “difficult subjects,” this is far and away the hardest question yet! In fact, I think we’ll know the answer to the god question before I can narrow my favorite albums down. Every year, I write a blog post detailing my 50 favorite albums of the year, and it always takes me weeks. But I’ll just go with something “old,” something “new,” and something from my youth. Old: Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones. New: Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois. Nostalgic picks: Garbage’s Version 2.0 or The Fugees’ The Score. Also, I recently got really into an amazing gay artist named John Grant – pick up his debut, Queen of Denmark, if you haven’t heard it yet. It’ll change your life.

10. What are your three favorite fiction and non-fiction books?
Everything by Flannery O’Connor – I’m obsessed. I have one tattoo for her, and others planned. Also, Acts of Faith by my mentor, Interfaith Youth Core founder Eboo Patel, played a very formative role in the work I do now – in fact, describing my reaction to it is essentially the climax of the narrative in my book. (How nerdy is that?!) Finally, my current boss, Greg Epstein, has a really fantastic book for anyone looking to explore humanism called Good Without God.

Photo Credit Adrienne Baker, IFYC

11. How do you define “sexy”?
Oh man. Superficially, I go weak in the knees for a subtle but intoxicating cologne, a scruffy face, … and skinny jeans! But more than anything (cliché alert!) I find confidence, creativity, empathy and humility sexy. People who just see the world in a different way – in a way that forces me to challenge my approach and my perspective – there’s nothing sexier than that. Same goes for an open heart; not just a posture of “caring for others,” but people who genuinely experience heartbreak because of the suffering in the world. Okay, that sounds pretty cheesy and dumb, doesn’t it? Also, it’s probably kind of bullshit: at the end of the day, James Franco is just flat-out sexy, regardless of whether he cares about the world’s suffering or not.

12. What is the most important issue on the gay agenda today?

Full inclusion and protection for transgender individuals. For too long, trans folks have been marginalized, ostracized, and largely ignored by the so-called “LGBT agenda.” Every month at least one transgender individual is killed in a hate crime in America – a fact largely ignored by the media. With the increased attention on gay and lesbian suicides this year, we must not forget about the emotional and physical violence that trans folks experience. It’s crazy to me how pervasive transphobia is, even within our community. I’m certainly not an innocent party in this respect, but I’m working on it.

Photo Credit Ky Dickens

13. What are three things you wouldn’t do no matter how much money you were offered?

I’ve come to a point in my life where it’s difficult for me to say that there are things I would never do, because over the years I’ve done many things I once thought I wouldn’t. I’ve come to recognize that it’s quite difficult to predict what you might do in any given situation until you’re actually confronted with the choice, and that sometimes we make the wrong choice. That said, I’d like to believe there are some choices I could never be compelled to make, and they’re the big ones: murder, rape, genocide, etc. At the end of the day, you have to be willing to be morally inflexible on certain things, and physically harming another person is one of those things. Emotionally harming is where it gets a bit more complicated, eh?

14. What would your friends say is your greatest weakness?
I’m not sure they’d know where to begin! I’ve got my vices, to be sure, but I think my friends might highlight the way I can get distracted by things that shouldn’t matter – how I can fixate on things beyond my control. I think I have a difficult time “letting go” when something is unsolvable; I like to imagine that nothing is insurmountable if you just persevere and push hard enough. This difficulty to relent to the forces beyond my control has caused me a lot of pain in my life, but it has also helped me overcome obstacles that I thought I could not. So it’s good and it’s bad, but I’m learning to harness it more for good and be more aware of when it is having a harmful effect.

Photo Credit James Croft

15. If you were to die tomorrow, what three things would flash in your mind?

I’m not sure; I think I’d be too distracted by my impending death! But I’m sure I’d think immediately of my family, and of the love I have for them. When everything is said and done, my family is what matters most to me, so I’m sure my thoughts would turn to them.

16. What are three movies that have greatly impacted you?
Dancer in the Dark, Dogma, and Saved! The first always makes me cry, and the others make me laugh and think – they tackle complex issues concerning religion with levity, heart, humor and humanity.

17. When Chris, the Harvard intellect, is put away, what are some trivial things that we wouldn’t know by looking at you?

Ha! Let’s see; my vanity is probably obvious in my hipster clichés. What else? Well, okay, so I really love Britney Spears. It’s weird; I never really cared about her when I was younger, which is unusual since I came of age in the era of Britney. But when I was a senior in college, Britney began to unravel, and I took notice. Now I won’t liken her to Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf, but I did see something in Britney’s public undoing that made me pause. Here was the real person beneath the façade; the animal behind the android. She had been tamed and domesticated her whole life, and she tried to liberate herself. The sad thing is that she didn’t know how to do it well, and she became quite unwell. Now she’s gotten her public image together and her career seems to be doing quite well, but I still see a caged animal when I look at her. I don’t know if I’m just projecting my love for tragic figures on to her, but I see some sadness in her. Or, at least, some boredom. So I root for her, you know? I want her to do well, and to be happy. There’s no way to know if she is, but I hope that the fact that even when she is “promoting” a new album she’s hardly in the public eye, means that she has the space she needs. Because I’m just tired of seeing her cry in interviews! Honestly, her 2007 album Blackout is probably the greatest pop album ever released, and I rock out to that like nothing else when no one is around. That said, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga could stop recording music and I’d be perfectly happy, so I guess I don’t fall for pop trappings every time. But my love for Britney is forever, ha.

18. You are currently working on a book. Tell us about your book which is due out in 2012.

My book is part memoir, part call for greater dialogue and collaboration between the religious and the nonreligious. I use my personal story of growing up irreligious, becoming a Born Again Christian and realizing I was gay, eventually leaving the faith and becoming very anti-religious, and then eventually becoming a passionate advocate for pluralism and interfaith engagement, because I think, like sociologist Marshall Ganz, that stories are the most effective way to communicate ideas and values. Still, it’s weird to be writing a memoir – especially at 23 years old! – because you open up your experiences for public scrutiny. But I’m learning to get used to it, and I’m doing it because I think mine is an underrepresented perspective. But ultimately, I don’t want my work to be about me – my biggest hope is that my story will prompt other people to share theirs. I don’t want to tell my story simply to make it known; I want to initiate a dialogue on religious and nonreligious identity and engagement in America.

Photo Credit Nat DeLuca

19. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?
Ha! Oh my. Um, well… I wear skinny jeans nearly every day, so it’s certainly not the first of those options. I’ll leave it at that; a gay atheist has to keep some mystery, eh?

Thanks Buddy!!! We Love Ya!!!

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

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Gregory Gorgeous is Living Like No One Is Watching!

We have spent hours upon hours watching YouTube videos, following our favorites and waiting for them to post their next video. Hell, we even started our own YouTube channel! One night we came across Gregory Gorgeous’ videos on his channel and we were instantly entranced. If you’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos you realize quickly that these “personalities” either have it…or they don’t. With over 13 million upload views and over 3.3 million channel views, Gregory Gorgeous definitely has it. But what exactly is it that makes us drawn to some YouTubers more than others. For us, his absolute sincerity, beauty, candor and especially his sense of humor made us hungry for more and by early the next day we had watched every single video. We started by watching a video on haters and we immediately fell in love with his confidence and the strong message he sent to his viewers as he almost relished in the fact that he was able to live the life he wanted, unabashed, while “haters” wrote nasty and vile comments, leaving him only to assume that they were intimidated by him. God, this was awesome! Where did this kid come from? We knew instantly he was going to one day be starring in national ad campaigns for makeup companies an fashion houses as well as starring in indie films; possibly even having his own television reality show. After five years of YouTube videos, he is currently starring in the web-based, YouTube, reality series The Avenue, produced by Fisher/Morris productions. After hours and hours of watching his videos, two things are very, very clear. One, he is absolutely infectious and contagious! We just can’t get enough. Coining the phrase, “You know what I mean?”, we find ourselves laughing about things he has said and wishing he was one of our best friends, hanging out and driving around with us. (Yes Greg, that is an invitation!) The second thing that is certain is that he is absolutely “Gorgeous”, with or without makeup. As we watched his makeup tutorial videos, we could not believe how good he looked made up, holding his favorite purse and walking in his favorite pair of shoes. But as we watched some of his older videos, we turned to each other and laughed. “He’s a really, cute guy!” One thing is sure, he exudes confidence and is self-assured in who he is, making his viewers stronger, wishing they too had the same kind of confidence. And there is much more to come from Gregory Gorgeous. Because, as he says at the end of the season finale of The Avenue, “All I know for sure is that this isn’t the end of my story. It’s just the beginning. The beginning of another chapter.”


We fell in love with you from the first video we saw of you. What compliments do you typically receive from people?

Well people often offer compliments regarding my makeup. I do spend quite a bit of time on my makeup so I always really appreciate compliments about that.

On your videos, you have stated that you get some negative comments from people. What do you do with this negativity and does it ever affect you?
There are always going to be haters honestly, I try not to let it get to me. It’s always interesting to see what people are going to say about the videos that I post and I appreciate their interest and opinions. I never let it affect me though, it’s part of being a YouTube personality.

What do you believe are three things it takes to have a successful YouTube following?
I think that the best advice I could give someone is to stay true to yourself, talk with your audience, and have fun! That is what I have done and it’s been an amazing experience overall.

Currently you’re working on a reality series on YouTube called “The Avenue”? Can you tell us about this project and where people can find it.
The Avenue is a project I was approached about almost a year ago. It’s an online reality-based TV show that follows me and four other girls around Toronto. There’s a lot of drama but it also shows my fans what I do everyday. You can catch the first season at

If you could only listen to three CD’s for the rest of your life and they couldn’t be mixed, what would they be?
Oh that’s tough… I would have to say: Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and 50 Cent: Get Rich or Die Tryin’!

What are your three favorite television shows, magazines and fashion designers? Movies?

The Game, America’s Next Top Model, Wendy Williams
Vanity Fair, Vogue, Glamour
Alexander McQueen, Balamari, DSquared
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Titanic, Mean Girls

If you’re here for a greater and deeper purpose, what do you think it is?
I think that ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to help people with their self esteem. Life is too short to worry about what everyone else thinks about you. I really want everyone to live like no one is watching.

What are three specific makeup items you will never throw away and are “musts” for you?

Oh God how do I pick just three… Well if I had to choose I would pick foundation, mascara, and bronzer.
Who do you believe are the three most beautiful women alive? Who are the three most beautiful women of all time?
Megan Fox
Gwen Stefani
Sofia Vergara

All time:
Marilyn Monroe
Farrah Fawcett
Audrey Hepburn

How do you define “sexy”?
Sexy is confidence. Anyone who exudes confidence will naturally be sexy

What are three things people wouldn’t know about you by looking at you?
I think people would be surprised to know that even though I like dressing up and going out, I do like staying in with friends. Relaxing nights are fun and I definitely make time for them.

If you could go back in time and redo anything you’ve done in your career, what would you consider changing?
That’s difficult… I’m sure if I thought about it I could find something, but I live with no regrets. I’m happy where I am right now and it’s the choices you make that shape you.

Who would be the perfect man for you?

Well I like them muscular so I’d say either 50 cent or Ryan Reynolds.
You’ve done tons of question videos. What’s a question you’ve never been asked that you wished you were asked and answer the question.
People on the internet are psycho and will ask people anything. I have a few questions I wished people wouldn’t have asked me! Haha.

On a guy…boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

Boxers for sure.

Thanks Greg!
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*Special Thanks to Gregory Gorgeous and Stephane Pares/Talent Representative/Fisher Morris Productions
Photographs From the Gregory Gorgeous Facebook Fan Page

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Nina Garcia’s Primitive Instinct

Photo Courtesy of Nina Garcia

Legs crossed tightly, pen in hand, she mentally critiques the contestants on Project Runway with a keen eye and an intricate sense of humor. We watch as she gently tucks her hair behind her ear, the other side falling in front of her eye as she chooses her words carefully and what we realize quickly is that we are in the audience of a style genius. We originally sought her out for this interview because, to us, she is the epitome of class. We only know what we have seen on our television screens and what we’ve read in her four books, the most recent, Nina Garcia’s Look Book, having just been published in 2010. Colombian born, educated in the United States at both Boston University and the Fashion Institute of Technology as well as being a world traveling connoisseur, she is a woman who apparently can float through time and space, continent to continent and yet retain the wisdom and beauty hidden in the small crook of her slight smile. Previously, she was the fashion director of Elle magazine and now holds the same position at Marie Claire magazine, allowing her to literally hold the ultimate position of directing the pulse of fashion and style to her readers. She has also been a judge on eight seasons of the award winning, fashion reality show, Project Runway. Not only does she hold hold these powerful positions, but she is also the wife of David Conrad and the mother of two sons, Lucas Alexander, born in 2007 and Alexander David born last November 29th, proving that actually, you can have it all. Her official website, Nina Garcia, presents with the same class and whimsy that she seems to carry from videos of fashion shows, notable and epic quotes, her favorite posts and of course style and fashion commentary. As she moves forward, family and fashion, we will continue to watch and relish the small intricacies, such as her hidden smirk and wildly gorgeous hair, which makes us love her so…

1. When looking at a new fashion designer, what are some things you look for that set one designer above the rest in being the next to follow?

I think there’s a word for that: “Instinct”. Somebody told me that to be old means to lose the ability to be surprised, and this, to be surprised, to see something unexpected on the runway it’s what sets one designer above the rest. As you can imagine, this is a very primitive instinct (that not only happens in fashion but also in movies, art, music), where you just feel that what’s happening in front of your eyes is something exceptional. I would have loved to be, for example, in 1863 at the Salon des Refusés where the first impressionist paintings were introduced to the world or when Picasso presented Les Demoiselles d’Avignon to the world. The same can be applied when the old Alexander McQueen presented his collections in Paris: we all went to his shows willing to be surprised.

2. How does your Colombian heritage contribute to your innate, fashion sense and success in the fashion industry?

Colombian women believe that physical presentation reflects the person you are on the inside. Women put a lot of time and effort into the way they present themselves. Growing up I was constantly surrounded by incredibly vibrant, confident, feminine women, women who knew who they were and what image they wanted to convey to the world.

3. Current fashion trends are displaying polka dots and color palettes. What are some current trends you think are overplayed and what trends have you been excited to see?

Overplayed: the 80’s!! So overplayed and done with.
Excited to see: anything except the 80’s please!

4. What do you believe will be the next, big fashion trend?

I think for Fall we will see: polka dots from spring will carry into fall, mod’s making a come back, long tail, minimalist.

5. How important do you think presenting ready to wear versus couture design in a runway show is to a fashion designers success?

It all depends on what you define as “success”. For some people success is equal to the number of sold-out items of your collection. For some other, “success” is defined by how many times your couture outfit has been seen in a magazine cover or by the blooming reviews your collection has got. “Success” as you can imagine is a very tricky word. I will say: it doesn’t matter to me if it’s couture or ready to wear if a designers conceives a great collection, that makes fashion move forward.

Photo Credit: Mark Abrahams
6. As one of the most well known fashion journalists, what is the best advice you can give to someone entering or trying to improve their career as a fashion journalist?

Always be on your toes, always be in the know. You never want to be the last person to hear about the news… always be ahead of the game.

7. In styling for a fashion show, what are the five most important things a stylist should consider?

1.) know your models: take down every measurement because you have to figure out which model should wear which look!
2.) always have a really well stock prop kit
3.) cohesive collection: there’s an inspiration so everything should all be a cohesive presentation
4.) do a pre-show run thru! Things may work out in your head but it might not always look the same in real life

8. What is essential in making an iconic, fashion model and who are three current models you would consider iconic?

unique look, recognizable face that becomes popular, personality, world renowned.

Newest ICONS: Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly

ICONIC: Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Daria Werbowy, Karen Elson, Angela Lindvall, Natalia V, etc etc….

9. Who are three fashion designers who’s careers you would recommend to fashion students as impressive role models for success in the fashion industry?

Classic role models: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent
More recent role models: Michael Kors, Prabal, Alexander Wang

10. What does a designer need to strive for to be on the cover of Marie Claire magazine?

Be daring! Be bold! Understand the woman’s body!

11. For any person, fashion noteworthy or not, what defines individual style and how can someone find their own individual style if they don’t feel they have one?

Individual style comes from within oneself. Being comfortable in your own skin, loving and owning your own body, being confident with who you are both inside and outside will help you define your own personal style. There are no rules, no seasons, it’s all about you. It’s how you feel its what you personally love and making it work for you!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!

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MYA Confesses Why Love is the Answer!

2011 is going to be hot year for Mya. Not that she hasn’t had a hot year every year since she started her career in the entertainment industry 12 year ago. Every year has been burning, scorching, sweating, pulsating all the way to the top as she added title after title to her resume. On her official website, her bio defines this long list as “internationally known, respected singer, songwriter, producer, dancer/choreographer, actress, designer, model, activist and philanthropist.” She’s been in several movies including the Oscar-winning Chicago, which she won a Screen Actors Guild Award, and her music has been featured in Moulin Rouge(for which she won a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration) and the Disney film Atlantis:The Lost Empire. She has been in numerous films and television shows and was the runner up to the winner on Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars. Mya has released six albums and currently has released the dance single Love is the Answer which she mixed with legendary DJ Cedric Gervais, who is a superstar in his own right. She has been nominated and won Grammy’s, MTV awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, the list goes on and on…and so will she. In addition to her incredible entertainment career, she also is a devoted philanthropist. At 31, this amazing woman who started out years ago as a tap dancer, has tapped her way into our hearts and continues to show us why Love is the Answer!

1. What inspired your new Dance sound?

I’ve always had a variety of sounds & tempos on my albums, but I’d have to say alongside just being a girl who likes to have fun, I’d say all of the dance remixes to the singles in my career that I loved to perform have inspired some of my upcoming up tempos.

2. “Love is the Answer” has a great message and great sound! What does this track mean to you?

The track sonically feels elevating. Great production by Cedric Gervais and positive, meaningful writing by Dee Roberts. Universal love and celebration is the message.
3. How does it feel to have “Love is the Answer” be the theme song for the NOH8 campaign?

“Love Is the Answer” definitely embodies so many messages of philanthropic, global causes & concern, but still feels light enough to party and celebrate to. Positive energy and vibes from start to finish.

4. The music video was taped in Washington DC. Other than it being your home town and a great place to introduce Dance music, is there a political idea behind choosing this as the location for the video?

8112 Studios who are based in DC shot the video. A few years ago I’d call it coincidental, but now I realize it’s just all by design, because it’s time.

5. Are we also going to get some R&B/Hip Hop/Soul from you in your new CD?

Like always, I’ll be serving a variety of experiences and sounds on my upcoming albums.
6. You’ve worked with great names in the R&B/Hip Hop/Soul industry. In the Dance industry, are there any artists you would like to collaborate?

Yes, but that’s a secret, for now.

7. Does a new music style equal a new fashion style for you?

The vibe & lyrical content of a song play a huge part in the fashion inspiration, before the genre.

8. Who are three of your greatest musical inspirations?

Minnie Ripperton, Prince & my father. There are many more.

9. Cedric Gervais is a great DJ and has produced some great Dance tracks! How was working with him and how did you two connect for this project?

It was pretty darn awesome working with Cedric in Miami. Great production, cool studio setting, great mix engineer, great writers & he has the cutest dog ever.

10. Being that Cedric is a Miami resident, did you get to spend a lot of time in the sexy city and what are your feelings about Miami?

I spent a nice amount of time in Miami and I personally wouldn’t mind living there. I find it to be motivating with a reward at the end of my day. Outdoors is beautiful & weather is amazing all year around. I’m much more inspired to eat healthier & work out there.

11. One of our favorite songs of yours is “Whatever Bitch”. What is your favorite song you have ever recorded?
Among the songs that have been released,

-My favorite ballad I’ve ever recorded would be “Nothing At All”
-My favorite Queen song “Whatever Bitch”
-Favorite love making jam… “For the First Time”

12. What is the sexiest city in the world? Hotel? Club?

Give me 2 more years to answer that question. The party has just begun.

13. What are five things we would always find in your purse?

Cash/Credit, Mirror, Phone, Lipgloss, Topstick

14. What is a movie that has inspired you? Album? Book?

Movie: Sweet Charity
Album: Natural Wonder by Stevie Wonder
Books: Chelsea Handler “Are You There Vodka..It’s Me, Chelsea”

15. You are considered one of the sexiest an most beautiful women in the world. How do you define “sexy” and what is the secret to being sexy?

I’ve traveled the world & have seen “beautiful” women everywhere, so I’m not so sure about that. But “sexy” to me is what’s within… simplicity.
One who is rich without all of the accessories, but possesses all of the necessities.

16. In 2009 you were on “Dancing with the Stars”. What did you learn from that experience?

I learned that it takes 2 to Tango..hahaha!

17. Many of your songs have been in the soundtracks of films. What is it like to hear your song in a movie and which project was the most exciting for you?

To hear my songs in a film is actually much more comfortable than having to watch myself on screen as an actress. Most exciting was Atlantis “Where the Dream Takes You” as it was an animated Disney film and the song plopped during the closing credits.

18. You have been in several films, including “Chicago” for which you won a Screen Actor’s Guild Award. What was your favorite film you were in and why?

My favorite film was actually “Chicago”-an entertainer’s dream, the opportunity to act, sing and dance in one project alongside an incredible cast and superb director…simply breathtaking.
19. In your extensive bio on your website, you are listed as a huge philanthropist, including working for breast cancer and LGBT youth. Of all of the charities and foundations you have worked, which experience has been the most memorable and which would you like to be most remembered?

Every experience has been memorable & molding, but I find the causes that I dedicate personal interaction and a large bulk of time, I am most connected to. Every summer I dedicate 3 months of my time to The Mya Arts and Tech Foundation Program, becoming deeply involved with inner city youth as executive director and a teacher. It is here where I’ve been fortunate to witness first hand, progress, enthusiasm & even testimony.

20. Boxers, briefs, jockstraps…or nothing at all?

It truly depends on what we are talking about here. What’s the setting?
And what’s the action? That’s my answer.

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Go to the following links to listen to MYA’s newest remixes…
Mya/Cedric Gervais “Love is the Answer” album version and Second Sun Remix.
International Dance Music Awards Performance Version.


Photographs by ReeSee of Zigga Zagga Productions
Special thanks to Mike Killmon of MYA Management and Mya herself for taking the time for this interview.

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To Japan With Love…

We all wear clothes. Fashion unites us. One love for Japan.

On March 14th, 2011 at 4:50 AM we tweeted “Prayers for Japan…please read and RT(retweet) Stop for One Moment!” We had previously written a post about pausing for a moment throughout our day, wherever we were, and thinking or praying for the people living in the devastation resulting from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Within a few moments, we received the comment “thanks so much!” from @show2104 a fellow Twitterer. In that moment, we were greatly humbled, the world became a lot smaller and the miles between Indianapolis and Japan seemed a lot closer.

In that small moment…our world stopped. Because between the tweets and news about teen Rebecca Black’s viral song or Charlie Sheen’s insanity, a small friendship was formed via the world wide web between two guys in Indianapolis, Indiana and Shoji Toyashima, a 33 year old guy, much like ourselves, far away in a town in Japan we had never even heard of before we looked at his profile.

Shortly before our conversations began, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima, Japan suffered catastrophic damage due to the earthquake and tsunami which had hit only days before. We Googled the distance and found that our friend in Nagaya was only 262 miles away from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant…almost the same distance from Indianapolis to Chicago; a drive we would make on a Friday afternoon for a weekend away.

Suddenly the tragedy in Japan became very real, we felt very small and this world far, far away seemed so much closer.

We followed as people criticized Anderson Cooper for his in depth investigative reports and we were astonished as we tweeted about the tragedy that we received comments such as “What did Japan do for us?” It made us very sad. And we realized, had it not been for Twitter we would never have met Shoji or possibly taken any personal interest in the devastation in Japan past making a donation to the Red Cross. But this was personal and we felt it was important for Shoji to share exactly with our readers what it felt like to be in Japan during this crisis so we could all take it more seriously, care a little more about each other and realize that we’re all joined by the human experience not divided by our differences. (We are printing his responses exactly as they were texted to us and even though the language barrier has been difficult, we find a beauty in our attempting to understand one another.)

Did you feel the impact of the earthquake and the tsunami and if so how did it feel?

Yes,I did. There was 3M .and the grand was shaked slowly side to side by earthquake .

What is the aftermath like now? How are people in Japan dealing with the destruction from the earthquake and the tsunami?

That’s very cruelty.they r spening very hard time at shelters.the tsunami dispossessed everything .

How are people reacting to the radiation levels at the nuclear plant?

People in radius 20kms already escaped,and in 40kms prohibition go out.

Are people scared about the nuclear plant and how it could affect them?

Yes,we really scared about it.but the electronic company didn’t tell us truth.and just media notify the happening,that makes us amazement.

Are people in Japan hoping people from around the world will help them and does Japan need help right now?

Yes really ,people in TOUHOKU and KANTOU need help a lot.

How would the people of Japan like the United States to help?

We have no words to thank you for your help.

What is it really like what we are seeing on the news?

I’m not living there. I’m not sure.but the earthquake disrupted their transportation systems.the biggest street has just mended in this week.

Any messages from Japan?

The victims need help a lot. gonna check the details,and show you.

Since our conversation with Shoji, we have remained in daily contact and have now come into contact with new friends in TOUHOKU and KANNTOU, the cities Shoji told us were most in need of help. And maybe we can do no better than reaching out and making some of these people feel not so alone, forming lasting friendships and sharing the truth about what is really going on and how others are being affected. Just today, Shoji shared with us that he is good “but there r aftershock in Fukushima a lot this morning.” He also told us, “In Tokyo, the electronic problem is huge. The supply of electronic is not enough by Tokyo electronic company. In Tokyo, KANNTOU sometimes someplace has a power failure.”

Last Saturday we attended The Midwest Fashion Week Gala Event to benefit The Indiana Down Syndrome Association. We were unsure of what to wear until we realized one commonality we all have is our need for clothes; one of the major necessities needed during times of natural devastation and tragedy. The realization at the pettiness of our need to find the appropriate clothes led us to make tee shirts made with the flag of Japan to further the message “We all wear clothes. Fashion unites us One love for Japan.”

In the coming weeks while this tragedy is dealt with, it is our hope that our readers will find their own truth and utilize their own talents in whatever possible to bring awareness, not only to Japan, but to the commonalities of the human experience. And while some criticize the social media resources of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, these are all ways we can reach out and find new friends and not shy away from just wanting to get to know someone better.

We are social reviewers and we will continue to interview celebrities, review openings and fashion shows and expose the truth when we find something to be wrong with the way people are treated. That has been our mission from the beginning. We have made that our job. But whether our jobs are doctors, lawyers, teachers, chefs, waiters, bankers, newspaper editors, fashion designers, models and yes…even social reviewers, we can all stop for a moment, smile at one another and realize we are here but for a moment. And no matter what we do, who we are, who we love or where we live…we just aren’t that very different.


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Indianapolis “Press” Week…A Review of Midwest Fashion Week’s Last Night

The following historical description is listed under the history section by Wikipedia. “The first New York Fashion Week, then called Press Week, was the world’s first organized fashion week. Held in 1943, the even was designed to attract attention away from French fashion during World War II, when fashion industry insiders were unable to travel to Paris to see French fashion shows. Fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert organized an event she called “Press Week” to showcase American designers for fashion journalists, who had previously neglected their innovations. (Buyers were to admitted to the shows and instead had to visit designers’ showrooms.) Press Week was a success, and fashion magazines like Vogue, which were normally filled with French designs, increasingly featured American fashion.” This definition is in any basic fashion text and took us less than five minutes to look up under “purpose of a fashion show” online.

In writing a review you must first understand exactly what you are reviewing. Thus the major problem with the finale of Midwest Fashion Week; was the gala a fashion show or a fundraiser? The reason we ask is because we’ve been to our share of fashion shows, nationally, and press are treated exceptionally well and are actually given exposure to the collections, models and typically an up close look at the designs being shown on the runway. We’ve also been to our share of charity events and fundraisers, nationally, and press are rarely present unless they have made a donation or bought a ticket as we always do and have documentation to prove. Anyone who knows us, professionally, personally or from background research, knows we are philanthropists and huge supporters of charity, having thrown several fundraising events ourselves. Per Sola Adelowo, executive director and co-producer of Midwest Fashion Week, “The Gala was a fundraiser for Down Sydrome and the closing fashion show for MFW.”

So, let’s investigate this further. First, we were sent the media information from Indyscene because we write a social review column on Indyscene. The information sent from MFW to Indyscene was an outline of the week’s events. We then contacted Berny Martin, founder and producer of MFW and asked for media passes to Saturday’s events, unclear about whether or not this was strictly a fundraiser or a fashion show who informed us, without any other information, that passes…not media passes or seats to the gala…just passes, with no explanation, would be waiting for us at “media” check-in.

Now let’s pause on this for just a moment. Never once were we informed we would be expected to purchase tickets to be part of the event and actually participate in the event. At this point, we’re probably sounding rather petty and appearing as if we wanted something for free. Hmmm…do you know who we are or how we live? Trust us, we can more than afford to buy tickets to any event we choose to support and we had actually brought a check with us to make a rather substantial donation, but we were never given the chance as we were treated like second class citizens. Since we were given no information regarding the event, we contacted Sola the day of the event and asked what time we should attend, were there certain things they wanted us to experience so we could write and talk about them. We ended the e-mail with “Excited for tonight and hope we get to personally meet you!” We have yet to meet Sola, regretfully. We finally did receive a response from Sola…at 11:40 p.m. while we were at the after party at Hyde…while Sola sat ten feet away from us on a couch in the VIP section.

So let’s review our amazing evening. We were extremely excited to attend this event. As a therapist who has previously worked with down syndrome children and having had a mother who worked for years as an educator with children of autism and down syndrome, this was a fundraiser close to our hearts. Not to mention that we are deeply involved in fashion, nationally, and are attempting to endorse the fashion industry in Indianapolis. When we arrived, we went to the “media” desk and signed in. On the two page, stapled media list, were literally tons of media representatives who had already checked in. We were not given press passes and told to go upstairs where the media were segregated. Hearing this, we were a little apprehensive. Once we arrived upstairs, we saw three tables and a spread of lunch meat, bags of potato chips, a bowl of pasta salad, bread rolls and plastic carafes of water. Oh…and plastic cups. No one met with us. No one introduced themselves to us from MFW and no one explained what we were supposed to do or what the outline for the evening would entail. We were not given an itinerary of the night and are unable, without research which we refuse to do, write about the specific designers or entertainers, because we were not given a press kit or press information as we are ALWAYS given. Below us, far below us, was the gala event. We could barely see the stage or make out anything specific on the runway. After a few moments we ran into another “media” representative who is also a friend, and sat with her for the next hour. Our initial reaction was to turn and walk out. We have never, NEVER, been as humiliated as we were walking into this event. And the kicker…our friend, a woman from a New York based fashion website and ourselves were the only three, not MFW organized media, upstairs. So, where was everyone else?

Today we emailed Sola asking about the process Midwest Fashion Week takes for accommodating their media? We asked how some were placed in the gala dining area and others weren’t? Her response, “The roof ballroom does not allow sitting for individuals that have not paid for dining. So to accommodate the media there was space in the front of the ballroom and close to the runway to make it easier to take pictures or to observe any one designer’s work up close.” Ohhhhh…well, we were never told that so we were literally huddled behind two children up in the rafters. Literally. We couldn’t even see Andi Hauser of Indy Style who emceed the event. “However,” she wrote, “some media sponsors such as WISH TV, FOX 59, and The Recorder dined in various locations throughout the ballroom. We also had several members of the media purchase their own tickets so they could dine before beginning their work when the show started.” Interesting, because we were never given this option. We don’t know Sola personally, or at all really, but we looked at her Linkedin profile. She has a rather impressive professional background, especially her being the Founder and Certified Image Consultant of ImageCube. Even more interesting, if you read her profile, you’ll find she has been a featured personal image expert on the Fox 59 Morning News Show, Indy Style TV, and the Recorder-On-Air-Report. Our question is if “media” is purchasing tickets for the event than are they really “media”?

After several hours of being at this event, we were so hungry we almost left, but stayed because we wanted to see the fashion show. Even though none of the food upstairs looked appetizing, we ate some pasta salad, shared a roll and had two bags of chips. We need to apologize because until we received the email from Sola today, we hadn’t understood this was actually a “hospitality station” for the models, volunteers and stylists. Basically, “media” passes meant we were allowed to just walk in and witness the event from afar. Again…literally. Well, we didn’t even need to do that because we know several people that walked in, didn’t check in and sat in the ballroom.

This was not a fashion show. This was not about fashion. This was a charity event. A very nice, charity event we’re sure. We can’t review that because we didn’t experience it. What we could see we thought was ok as far as charity events go. It was neat to see models with down syndrome walk the runway and it was inspiring. We know Mike Rypel, who told us he produced the event, and we’re well aware that Mike knows what he’s doing when it comes to throwing an event, so we’re sure the charity and gala part were all good. We hope they raised a lot of money because it’s a charity which deserves a good fundraiser.

As far as the fashion show, well that’s a different story. But before we discuss this let it be clear that we watched the show from the second floor, far away without ability to see detail, which is sad because we were excited to see designs from some of our friends such as R. Lynda and Antonio Fermin. It was so hard to see, especially with two children in front of us, but we’ll attempt to give a review anyway. First of all, if we’re attempting to make Indianapolis a serious focal point of fashion, why aren’t we bringing a designer who someone actually cares about and is interested in seeing their designs. Actually, Althea Harper, runner up to Project Runway Season 6 was at the event but was not highlighted or mentioned during the show. If you’ve done your research, as we have, you would know that Althea has shown at every Mercedes Benz fashion week in New York City since being on Project Runway. Althea also studied and worked under Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Anna Sui and Vivienne Westwood. Althea had a lot to say about the show. We would know because we hung out and partied with her until the after party closed. The girl is not only gorgeous and talented but the real deal. Interestingly, she informed us, that “media” and “press” are treated exceptionally well at New York Fashion Week.

The runway was cheesy. The tapered material looked tacky. The spotlight was on the DJ instead of on the runway. Designers should always walk out after their models. That’s pretty basic stuff. In talking to Althea she told us that fashion shows are always about the models and that the quality of the show is completely about the models picked. So, people want a real review of the fashion show, here you go.

Most of the models couldn’t walk. In fact, only a few appeared to have any walking experience. While we loved many of the designs, there lacked a cohesiveness in any of the shows. No theme carried the designs together. A plus-sized model is a size 8-12, unless there is a purpose for bigger girls. But, we actually loved the designs of the designer of plus-sized clothes. We can’t really comment on anything else because we couldn’t see the show. Most of the models were used by all of the designers therefore the models ran from downstairs to the changing room upstairs, easily seen by anyone in the dining area or upstairs. Every designer had pieces we loved, being able to see them closer as the models walked upstairs, but we don’t know who matched what designer as we weren’t given a press release as previously mentioned.

In the past, we’ve heard rather bad things about Midwest Fashion Week, but now we’ve experienced it first hand. We loved the student show and were treated extremely well but to have been treated so horribly in return later in the week is confusing. Ian Stikeleather was responsible for taking care of us at the student show so maybe he should be made more responsible in the future for further events. He knows how to treat “media”.

During the show Andi Hauser commented that Berny Martin “sets the bar” for Indianapolis. Well, that wouldn’t be our opinion. In our opinion the two people setting the bar in Indianapolis are model Emily Nyberg and student designer Lorry Plasterer. These two women are so far above their game that the Indianapolis fashion industry should be chasing them down!

By the way, SEXIEST of the evening goes to Polina Oscherov! This incredible photographer has amazing style anyway, but wow! Out of control!

Thanks for the photo booth Mike! We love those things and are seriously thinking about buying one for our house.

Well, until next year. WAIT! We forgot. This will officially be our last year to support or endorse Midwest Fashion Week. And before everyone gets all hyped up threatening us with ridiculous claims, all of the information in this column is backed by factual evidence or is our opinion, as stated.

And for the record, fashion shows may be about the models, but they started…because of the “media”.

Eyes Open, We’re Watching!

SEXY weekend beats…

In the shower…in the club…in the car…at the bank…wherever you are…dance it up! Life’s short…it’ll be over soon enough!
Our sexy weekend picks…


Eyes Open, We’re Watching!