Lana Del Rey Summertime Sadness Official Video Is Alluring…See HERE!

lana del rey summertime sadness official video_raannt

Lana Del Rey simply cannot do anything wrong.  We adore her and everything she releases, which means we of course adore her newest video for her hit single Summertime Sadness.  The video is alluring, sexy and mysterious, just like Lana and the music she produces.  We love her.  Check it out and let us know what you think! And make sure you buy the Paradise Deluxe version of the song.



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The National Will Be the Best Band of 2014! Graceless Official Video

the national trouble will find me_raannt

Sometimes it takes a band a long, long time to get the recognition they deserve.  Especially when it is a band like The National who’s intellectual abilities and sad walking melodies and woven hoodies of poetic lyrics sound perfectly fitted for the next big indie art film.  The National has been around for a really long time.  They have several amazing albums and singles.  But 2014 will be their year.  With the recent release of their album Trouble Will Find Me and the official video for their new single Graceless, The National once again stays true to their roots, sounding like something coming out of some small side street Chicago bar and filling the late, rain filled streets with their tunes.  The National will be the best band of 2014.  Trust us.  Reminiscent of bands like The Smiths, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground and Joy DivisionThe National is the perfect band for adult-teens who refuse to grow up and want to dream in angst forever! We absolutely adore them.



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NEW Mumford & Sons Official Video: Hopeless Wanderer! Oh Brother…

Mumford & Sons Hopeless Wanderer_raannt

We are die-hard Mumford & Sons fans!  Needless to say we were super excited to see the release of their newest video Hopeless Wanderer.  Stylistically true to their nature, the video is pretty much what we expected.  We love the song and their look, but we’d like to see a little more creativity.  Oh Brother…where art thou??? Check it out and let us know what you think!


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NEW MGMT!!! Your Life Is A Lie Official Video!!! Shhhh…Now She Knows…(The Release Date)! Pre-Order New Album!!!

mgmt your life is a lie_raannt

What does she know??? Well…watch the video of Your Life is a Lie closely and maybe you’ll find out.  MGMT is back and as fucked up as ever…which is exactly why we love them!!! Easily one of our favorite bands, we are anxiously anticipating the September 17th release of their next album.  Check out the video below and let us know if you love it as much as we do!!!!


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NEW David Bowie Valentines Day Official Video! New Album!


We didn’t even know that David Bowie had released a new album this year, but The Next Day, released in March, is his 24th studio album and probably one of our favorites the last 10 years.  The 66 year old punk-pop idol is still rocking it and looking good doing it! We really, really loved this album and especially his newest video for his track Valentine’s Day! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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Depeche Mode Gets Remixed Into the New Milennium!

depeche mode

Monday May 6th EDM guru Steve Angelo and Jacques Le Count exclusively released on beatport a remix of Depeche Mode’s Soothe My Soul from their latest album. The perfect 80’s song brought back for the new millennium music world!

The track sits comfortably on its originality while the duo lights up on the track’s dance capabilities!  The legendary Depeche Mode has created an epic track and both Steve Angelo and Jacques Le Count have brought it to new levels.

The Soothe My Soul remix follows on the heels of an intimate concert Depeche Mode recently performed for fans at Los Angeles, CA’s Troubadour club, which marked the band’s smallest show ever in Los Angeles. In addition, the group also recently launched their first world tour in four years in conjunction with the release of their new studio album Delta Machine. The European leg kicked off in Nice, France on Friday, May 4th with North American dates set to commence in Detroit on August 22nd.

Check out the entire track exclusively here:

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Gin Wigmore is the Sexy and Soulful Badass “Black Sheep”

There’s nothing sexier than a song that makes you feel like a bad ass and this is the case for Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore.  Her soulful sound makes you feel like a 1950’s bad girl smoking cigarettes and skipping class or a 70’s reporter digging for dirt on the politician you want to bring down.  Or better yet,  a 2012 chic mod club kid wanting to have a good time while enjoying the beats of your favorite DJ and a sugar free Redbull.

Does she remind you a little bit of Amy Winehouse? Black Sheep is soulful, sexy, energetic, and down right raannt.  Check out the official video of Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore.

Check out the video below:

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