Anne Hathaway Raps “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” on Jimmy Fallon!

anne hathaway raps on jimmy fallon video_raannt

If you haven’t already seen Anne Hathaway‘s performance on Jimmy Fallon from Tuesday night, you must check out the video below.  Not only does Anne throw some dust at her haters by proving that she really does have some strong chops, but this little diva also proves to be hilarious, current and able to mix up the flow! Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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Team Naya!!! Big Sean’s Breakup with Glee’s Naya Rivera…Biggest Mistake Ever!

naya rivera glee big sean breakup_raannt

Just six months after the two announced their engagement, a representative for Big Sean has announced that he is canceling the wedding! We’re huge fans of Naya Rivera and think this might be the biggest mistake he’s ever made as well as a really poor career move.  We love Naya for playing the sexiest lesbian ever seen on tv and think her singing chops have gained levels in the last few years!

We’re Team Naya all the way…what about you???

Let us know what team you’re on below!

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Goodbye Kendall, One Direction’s Harry Styles is Quite the Playboy!

harry styles fashion week burberry_raannt

London Fashion Week W/F 2014 is over, but we couldn’t move on with our days before posting pictures of One Direction’s Harry Styles, one of our faves, as he graced the front rows of fashion week! Of course, we know he was there keeping guard of his runway beauty, Kendall Jenner, who he just broke up with less than 24 hours ago.  News has it that Kendall is pretty distraught from the breakup.  Don’t worry dear, we’re sure you’ll find someone quick enough to fill Harry’s place! That’s what gorgeous girls do!

From runway country singers in Nashville to runway models in London, Harry Style is one hell of a playboy! Check him out below as he attended the Burberry Porsum show in London!

harry styles fashion week burberry 1_raannt

HARRY STYLES kommt zur Burberry Fashion-Show in London

harry styles fashion week burberry 4_raannt

harry styles fashion week burberry 5_raannt

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FELICITACIONES Miss Venezuela Maria Gabriela Isler …The New Miss Universe 2013!

miss venezuela miss universe_2013

Congratulations to Maria Gabriela Isler, Miss Venezuela, who was just crowned our new Miss Universe 2013 at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia! Since we are one half Venezuelan, this is a big win in the house of raannt!!!! 1st Runner-up was Miss Spain, 2nd Runner-up was Miss Ecuador, 3rd Runner-up was Miss Philippines and 4th Runner-up was Miss Brazil!

Venezuela has won Miss Universe 7 times and is 2nd in total wins next to the USA with 8!


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Chelsea Handler Pregnant and Excited About It!

chelsea handler pregnant_raannt

Well, not really…but it looks pretty real, doesn’t it.  Chelsea Handler posted this picture of herself, obviously in Halloween attire, with the statement attached: “My Halloween costume.  Pregnant and excited about it.”

We love it!

And what we also loved reading were the almost 500 comments she received from fans, including our all time favorite from Dawn Elwood Pruneda stating, “Didn’t know Chuey could reach that high!

Ahhhh…we love a good costume and this year we award Chelsea Best Celebrity Halloween Costume!


If you’re a true Chelsea fan like us, check out all of our cast interviews like Heather McDonald, Jiffy Wild, Sarah Colonna and Chris Franjola  in our Interview section!

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*Image from Chelsea Handler’s Facebook

R.I.P. Lou Reed! May You Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

lou reed dead_raannt

We were deeply saddened to wake to the news of Lou Reed‘s passing.  Forever one of our favorite musicians, with The Velvet Underground and in his solo ventures, his music shaped us as individuals and forced us to rethink “normal”.  His ballad to the alternative, Walk on the Wild Side, was our anthem for coming into our own. Cause of death has not been released.

Dead at 71…He will forever be missed!


For more information on Lou Reed’s passing check out this article on Rolling Stone!


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Kim Kardashian says YES!!! to Kanye West…Engaged! See Ring!

kim kardashian kanye west engaged engagement ring_raannt

5 hours ago, Kim Kardashian put the above picture out on her Instagram profile with the comment “YES!!!”, her response to Kanye West‘s proposal yesterday, and within only a few short hours has congratulations from almost 800,000 followers! Kanye proposed to Kim yesterday, Kim’s 33rd birthday, one she’s likely never to forget.  The proposal came in San Fransisco at AT&T park, which Kanye rented out to ask Kim in front of all of her family and friends.

The ring??? Supposedly 15 carats…five carats than her last $2 million ring from ex Kris Humphries, but who’s counting when love conquers all, right?

We wish them all the best and hope this time, love really does conquer all!

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Miley Cyrus Fell From Being An Ordinary Girl To Stripper in Wrecking Ball Video! Pre-Order

miley cyrus wrecking ball nude_raannt

What…has happened to Hannah Montana? In 3 short years she has completely lost her mind.  Do you remember when she was just an Ordinary Girl???

We agree that she has an absolutely amazing body and we even kind of like her music, although we could do without the live lizard tongue gone mad, but pull back girl! Apparently the song and video is a jab at ex Liam Hemsworth, but we think it’s just another way for her to flaunt her new body, hair and freedom.  Let’s be honest…she’s gone off the deep end.

We read an article earlier in the week where Miley defended her behavior and stating that she is just exploring her sexuality and spends most days inside.  Ok, here’s a hint MIley…go find the Olsen twins(who we adore), go to some fashion shows and blow a bunch of money on Balenciaga or Birkins, go to Cannes and meet French movie stars and date older men.  Do NOT look like some Disneyite gone crazy…and that’s exactly what you look like!

If you don’t believe us…check out her video below! And it’s actually kind of a cute song! Now if she comes out as a lesbian…well, that’s a completely different story!


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Pre-Order her album or Wrecking Ball now…available Oct. 4th!



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Elizabeth Berkley Lands Spot on Dancing with the Stars! From Pole, to Stage to TV!

elizabeth berkley showgirls dancing with the stars_raannt

News on the internet is CRAZY about the fact that Elizabeth Berkley has been cast in Season 17 of Dancing with the Stars! And the fan polls may take her to the top, hoping that she wins! We’re super excited that she’s in this seasons’ cast of dancers.  After all, she might just be in our top 5 actresses of all time for her role in the unforgettable Showgirls! If you’ve forgotten, we included one of our favorite scenes below! And don’t ever forget that Nomi Malone would do whatever it took to make it to the top!

Hope she has what it takes for television! This ain’t Vegas baby!

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