YouTuber Timmy Alvarez Fell Down the Well Because He’s a Clumsy Lil Bitch! An Interview

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We’re HUGE YouTube fans! Each of us has our favorites that we watch every day and feel like we’re part of their lives.  In the next few weeks we’re bringing you some really exciting interviews from some of our favorite YouTubers.  Just a little over a year ago we stumbled across Timmy Alvarez’s YouTube channel, Timmy Fell Down the Well, and we became entranced. His parodies are hilarious. His videos with his mom are endearing and his humor makes you wish he was sitting in your living room every night while you watched reality television together. He is absolutely one of the most hilarious YouTubers we have seen and we love his natural way of making an ass of himself. We were lucky enough to interview Timmy and find out a little bit more about him. Check out what he told us!

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1. What motivated you to begin making YouTube videos?
Most people would say that they wanted to help other people or something like that but honestly, I was just a really bored 16 year old that needed a hobby!
2. At what point did you know you were getting a strong following?
I’ve been doing this for 4 years and my channel hasn’t really taken off until this year. I started working really hard making my ratchet ass parodies and I started to notice that my following was growing like a lot!

3. What is your favorite parody you have ever made?
I think it’s my booty parody… which will be coming out in a few days, but like it’ll probably be out when this interview gets released so go watch it!

4. Why did Timmy fall down the well?
Because he’s a clumsy lil bitch

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5. What are five things about you we wouldn’t know by looking at you?
1, cats scare me. 2, I smell like a Hollister store. 3, I’ve never actually fallen down a well. 4, I used to have ratchet ass teeth. 5, my penis is 10 feet long.
6. Who do you think are the three funniest people dead or alive?
Kristen Wiig, Drew Monson, and Melissa McCarthy
7. Who are your five favorite YouTubers?
Jelly and Day, Soyeahimlaura, Drew Monson, Lucas and Jenny, and Miranda Sings.
8. Who are your three favorite celebrities to tease?
I don’t really like to make fun of celebrities, I just like to imitate them, but my favorite people to imitate are Shakira, Nicki Minaj, and Iggy Azalea.

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9. Are you currently single or in a relationship? If you’re single what are your looking for?
I am currently… keeping that part of my life private. sorry!
10. Is there money to be made in YouTube videos?
Yeah it’s my job!
11. If you were going to invent a new adjective what would it be and define it?
Twerky: when you’re in the mood to clap your ass cheeks together
12. What are your favorite things about Demi Lovato?

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13. Your mom is now also a YouTuber. What is it like to share the spotlight with your mother?
She is my kween and I’m honored!
14. Would you ever like to have your own sitcom and if so what would it be about?
It would be me like twerking across the country or some shit.
15. Define sexy.
Being yourself
16. Who is the sexiest celebrity? Sexiest city? Sexist place to kiss?
1, DEMI LOVATO. 2, any city demi is in. 3, the mouth.

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17. What are your feelings about: The Westboro Baptist Church, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Gay Porn and Grindr?
Westboro = ew. Rupaul = entertaining! Gay porn = OF THE DEVIL. Grindr = personally not into it.
18. What is something too personal to make a video about on YouTube?
Literally nothing. Sometimes I feel like I have no shame.
19. Where would you like to be in five years?
Hopefully a really really successful YouTuber. YouTube is my only passion so I’m sticking with it for now!
20. What are your three simple luxuries?
My phone, my computer, and my hair product.

Thanks buddy!


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*Photos courtesy of Timmy Alvarez.