Who Are The Boys of raannt?


In the summer of 2009, we found ourselves on a typical date; swapping stories we had found on the internet over Greek salads and a large, cheese pizza.  After discussing our viewpoints on several of our favorite websites and blogs, we pondered the idea of starting our own website being that we had wanted to embark on a creative project together.   We wanted to have a space on the web where we could share our opinions in a positive way about pop culture and celebrity, both areas of infatuation for us, and wanted to be able to honestly “rant” about our feelings of television shows, movies, events, etc.  Unfortunately, the web domain “rant” was already owned, so we went for the next best thing, threw in a few a’s and n’s and thus was born raannt.  (For years we’ve sworn it’s because we love everything in excess but that’s only partly true!”

At the time, raannt was a weekly blog where we found ourselves maybe posting once or twice a week, usually about local Indianapolis events or something we had seen on tv.  We never dreamed that one day it would become a full-time business and international website and that our obsession with pop culture would allow us to interview some of our favorite celebrities, attend red carpet events and music festivals and interact with people we only admired from afar. 

Today, raannt posts daily, including music and style reviews, concert  and event reviews,  television, film, and book reviews, celebrity interviews and our favorite; the sexy lists. 

The idea of the sexy list began early in our first year when we concocted a “Who’s Who’s” list of the sexiest people in Indianapolis, something that has become one of our most viewed posts of the year.  That original list has branched off into daily sexiest men, women and model posts as well as weekly and monthly sexy lists. 

2014 looks to be an exciting year, with our doubling our daily articles and posting celebrity interviews every other day.  On top of regular sexy lists, we will also be making weekly sexy list videos on our YouTube channel.  We have already scheduled several events, music festivals and fashion shows to attend and look forward to any new possibilities.

While raannt feeds our own personal addiction to pop culture, at home, we’re just a simple married couple who loves to watch tv with our dogs, go to late night movies, dream up places where we want to travel and hopefully help to make the world a little bit better.  We believe that true sexiness and luxury come from confidence within yourself to be who you want to be and love who you already are. 

We would love for you to join us on our journey and come back to visit often!

Be Yourself.  Be Fearless.  Be Your Own Unexpected Luxury!


Peter and Alex

For information, interviews or reviews please contact us at info@raannt.com

WARNING: We allow 100 words or less of content per interview to be taken and used, with a link to our original interview, without our authorization. Content larger than 100 words or copying our entire interview without our authorization to be used in ANY manner will result in our taking legal action per copyright infringement.