Obsessed with John John Denim! The Most Incredible Commercials Ever!

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We found John John: Denim Made in Heaven by watching Zac Efron’s phenomenal commercial he filmed for them which we posted in our Sexiest Men of the Day section earlier today! After looking around their website, we were so excited about their designs that we wanted to buy it all up…especially their hats!(We’re obsessed with hats…any kind but they have to be special!)

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They have a men’s, women’s and kid’s line of clothing, as well as perfume/colognes and even phone cases! Their hats are becoming such a big deal that they have their own Instagram hashtag with all kinds of street captures and pictures of their events!

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Comfortable and totally amazing menswear(and women’s wear) perfect for dates, music festivals or the beach.  This Brazilian brand is so incredible you could spend hours on their website watching their videos and reading their tour information! Check it all out at John John Denim and order a bunch of stuff up! Especially the hats!

Most importantly…check out their commercials as they are developing a following just for their film-like commercials which we are absolutely obsessed.  One of our favorites is Pool Station below.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Not only do they have amazing products to back up their branding, but their branding is so impressive that they have developed a following unique around the world! We love your John John Denim!

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