Die Antwoord…Cookie Thumper! The Beautifully Weird World!

die antwoord

We are absolutely obsessed with South African rap-rave band Die Antwoord! Not only do we love the hard beats and fast lyrics of the innovative rap style, we also love the style and strange beauty of lead vocalist Yo-Landi Visser! She makes us feel like a bunch of badasses even when we’re just driving around in our car!

If you haven’t seen their previous Baby’s on Fire, check it out HERE, as well as their newest Cookie Thumper below! Both are artistically instrumental to our changing ideas of style, beauty and politics today.  Yes…politics! Let us know what you think!

Yes Mom and Dad…we have a new Elvis on the rise changing the world of music as we know it today!

Check out Die Antwoord’s website and album TENSION HERE!

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